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#550 – New form and new friend

Rosalina Nintendo mermaid ariel disney
I was finally able to make a little artist feature with the “Artist of the week that you can see on the right column, also with the gallery, Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic, adding all other project and page listed it’s kinda huge and I’m sore a lot of you miss all that power you can find. For now I must update the page list on the top to add more and think of a complete redo for the right column. Something more compact must be really more poferfull.

I think a lot of you noticed that illustration make by the tallented Sakami-chan you can find on deviantart and patreon. She drew Rosalina and like her style everybody must be amazed but on the soft version there is a huge mistake cause the hair lock is in front of her left eye insted of the right. Curious point, there is a semi-naked version for patreon too but this one have the hair lock in correct side, seem she mised a flip while working on the safe version… O_o


After Alycia showed me the lovely panda dress Rosalina, she told me to wait until she scan it and give me a HD version. She published it on my facebook page and I was so excited, writing a message to give her a huge thanks but I scrolled by accident and another post appeared, she made me a surprised and published another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel from the disney movie “the little mermaid“. It was so powerfull and unexpected… °o°

First time I receive Rosalina as mermaid and Alycia‘s illustration is so lovely as if I must admit I’m kinda confused see Rosalina as mermaid. As if I always ask for Rosalina, each artist have his own style and way to see/draw her so she’s always different sometimes more realistic, crazy or original.

In fact, Alycia asked me if I already received Rosalina and Ariel together but no time to answer that the illustration was already done, she damn fast guys so be careful and reactive with her. About Rosalina, I must admit she look wonderfull. Damn beautifull and her expression make her more adorable and innocent as if there is also a sexy part since don’t wear bra compared to Ariel. Nothing really explicit with hair covering her breasts (love this detail), finally the mix into cuteness and sexiness make a powerfull combo, Alycia really did an amazing job.

I also wonder what Rosalina have in her hand (must ask to Alycia about this point). Ariel look great, beautifull and expressive, this time she found a new friend to play with, she look so happy and dynamic for the moment and for sure must be amazed once Rosalina will tell her some awesome stories about the galaxy. In fact the only negative point is seeing Rosalina as mermaid remember me a guys addicted to this lovely princess but considering Rosalina as his own property (that bastard). He had a huge fetish for mermaid and asked lot of illustration with him and Rosalina. Now he disappeared from the internet and what happened is not Alycia fault so I can just say she made a marvelous piece. Thanks so much…

Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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#185 – Disney – Ariel

Boring job, 2 days without internet and a friend who ask me play sims games on her facebook account during her holidays… All is check… So how you want after that I find time for the blog… Maybe I must do it… For Harmonie… Bt it’s so hard… Bwaaaa… I’m really tired so I’m sorry for all mistakes I write, at start my English level is not good so it will be hard make something understandable… T_T

So after  Tinkerbell and Jasmine, it’s a new really cute disney girl who meet Rosalina… Not sure I need to present her… This is an awesome request drew by nevermoreC who say in his profil he don’t do commissions but free requests so I it was hard don’t send him a mail… And some time after I see this drawing… How nice… (^o^)/

 It’s not the first time Rosalina meet a mermaid, but this version drew by Merethide was a commission for an other fan of Rosalina, maybe if you are curious you can see it here. It was a long time I expected see Rosalina with Ariel, and it’s done… So happy with this publication… At start I was a little scary because nevermoreC have a lot of futa and crossdress in his gallery (so don’t hesitate take a look if you like this style, maybe he not always have that in his gallery) but this drawing was a great surprise… Thanks sooo much NevermoreC

Artist: NevermoreC / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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