#185 – Disney – Ariel

Boring job, 2 days without internet and a friend who ask me play sims games on her facebook account during her holidays… All is check… So how you want after that I find time for the blog… Maybe I must do it… For Harmonie… Bt it’s so hard… Bwaaaa… I’m really tired so I’m sorry for all mistakes I write, at start my English level is not good so it will be hard make something understandable… T_T

So after  Tinkerbell and Jasmine, it’s a new really cute disney girl who meet Rosalina… Not sure I need to present her… This is an awesome request drew by nevermoreC who say in his profil he don’t do commissions but free requests so I it was hard don’t send him a mail… And some time after I see this drawing… How nice… (^o^)/

 It’s not the first time Rosalina meet a mermaid, but this version drew by Merethide was a commission for an other fan of Rosalina, maybe if you are curious you can see it here. It was a long time I expected see Rosalina with Ariel, and it’s done… So happy with this publication… At start I was a little scary because nevermoreC have a lot of futa and crossdress in his gallery (so don’t hesitate take a look if you like this style, maybe he not always have that in his gallery) but this drawing was a great surprise… Thanks sooo much NevermoreC

Artist: NevermoreC / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Cortana from Halo

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