#184 – Solo – A little cum

I’m sure all people comming here are not artists maybe don’t you have a friend who can contribute to this blog or the soft one: rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com? Not interested to have your name here? You must know I accept every drawing with Rosalina, solo, duo or with more characters, the only rule is no men… I’m always jealous when I see Rosalina with a male character and like my blogs name, don’t really work… XD

And that’s true, Rosalina only meet girls here so it’s not often you can see her taste a little cum, maybe a hot bukkake scene when you only see dicks and Rosalina and the other girl covered by cum, maybe it can work… If the dick don’t suggest an existing character… So this time no dick but Rosalina enjoy some cum and the result is great… Oh yeah… XD

It’s a huge fan to BigRalph who accepted draw Rosalina as request, he didn’t answer to my comment in his profil maybe some after I publish it I see on my profil ” Alright,check out my gallery. ” and I see this awesome pic waiting for me… How nice… (^o^)/

Girls covered by cum are so sexy, maybe I more have this when Rosalina meet futa, like poison from final fight who come soon maybe this pic is just awesome, Rosalina is so hot with this messy face and breasts and I love tongue like this… You did an amazing job BigRalph, thanks for your kindness and interest…

New wishlisted girl: Crimson Viper from Street Fighter

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