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Disney – Frozen – Anna and Elsa

Will be a really busy summer, so much work and no time to rest a little, but weather in France is really bad, rain everyday here so I just keep in mind that I don’t miss so much… July and August are really strange here, it’s like we are in November. I wonder how is it for you, sun and holidays and busy at work too ?

Also found (another) friend ready to help me with the next video but once again the problem is to find time to do it… I contacted him and if everything fine may do it on friday, but for the moment nothing sure… U_u


Long time I didn’t published a trio and this one was made as request but the talented and sooo lovely Tetisuka, another lovely artist I would love to commission again and again but it’s before I meet my budget, an it seem he don’t approve the idea (fucking bastard)… I really love Tetisuka art and was finally able to commission her, the original idea was for a duo but must be stupid don’t have Anna and Elsa together with Rosalina… I hope you like the result guys… Oh yeah…

Tetisuka was really enthusiastic with the idea and since Anna is really more innocent than her sister, she suggested Rosalina and Elsa abusing of Anna but Rosalina is also really innocent (in general). For sure if you look at Frozen fanarts Anna is not also the more innocent of the two. but using the movie as reference, when Elsa change her dress and walk with ass bouncing, can’t miss that disney made the sexiest princess ever… XD

After that Tetisuka suggested two ideas: “First, the more ligth one, with them still in full/half full lingeri Ros in the front, breast out, Elsa helping Anna cuping her breats. Second, more naughty, almost no lingeri, only acessories, Ros laying down, Elsa on top (kinda 69) spreading Ros and putting Anna to lick it“. I must admit the second sound soo exciting (get a boner just reading the description) but I love so much lingerie and asked Tetisuka to start with her first idea…

So here is Elsa kinda teaching Anna to abuse Rosalina, I added a sketch if you are curious to see it and congrat to Tetisuka for this excellent piece, so much beautifull details like transparent lingerie on Rosalina or the design of Elsa one. you can also notice that Anna is holding Rosalina’s wand but don’t know what she doing with it… I let you take a close look and you can see that Tetisuka is amazing…

I hope I’ll be able to commission her again a day, maybe to make her second idea or something completely different, if you are interested but a commission and want Tetisuka to make your naughty dreams come true feel free to take a look to her profile page (here) for more informations about commission of just visit her gallery (here) for more beautifull illustrations. Also don’t forget that a nice comment is always a powerfull support… ~__^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: Special (Deal)

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