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#886 – Squid singer and slimy place

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And the wishlist page is (finally) up to date as for the “Where is my pokemon?” one”, program for the next week will be release October and November patreon raffle illustrations that are both done and continue update the gallery page. No time for procrastination but… I know me too well… ^^’
And black Friday is now over, that thing start to get more power in France but it’s more small discounts you see for several days instead of a big flash sale. The only thing I wanted turned as a nightmare cause the website did nothing than crash and only one fucking item was available at this price… >.<


There is that kind of precious and rare artists on deviantart with a gallery that don’t always follow the policy rules but are so pleasant to watch, even more powerfull when they accept take part of the project and today time to present Sxynmcn who drew Rosalina and Marie from splatoon. I already got her twice (see all Rosalina x Marie) with Rosalina but she’s my favourite character from the series and I’ll never be tired see more of her. Also there is something no one missing, Sxynmcn managed 3 versions; t-shirt, naked and slimy that is my fan being a huge addict of messy. After hesitating a lot I finally decided post the first one on the SFW page, I agree it’s still a bit sexy but I love this drawing and wanted everybody to see it… °w°
Talking about SFW, on the clothed version we can imagine Marie is grabbing Rosalina’s breast with her right hand but on the naked one that Sxynmcn drew the hand goes under the breast so nothing explicit. Anyway since can’t show the naked version on SFW page I’ll be always scary people will be wrong thinking there is breast grab, some will like it and other will be shocked but I have nothing to be ashamed of since the truth is here. I really like both girls expression with a confident Marie and embarrassed Rosalina that together make cuteness and sexiness mix in so perfect way, of course the alternative versions make the sexiness side increase but also show Sxynmcn‘s great skills to manage alternative, shading and complex stuff like the slime that I know is really something complex… °o°
I was going pick another pic to show more about his style anyway there is so much gorgeous illustration and themes in Sxynmcn‘s gallery that it’s hard pick one that is representative or just my favourite. There is a pretty Lillie with tan-lines (not often I think this style looks cute) and so gorgeous pokemon ladies always so sexy and sometimes in a nice gijinka outfit and… Ass-chan (don’t ask me why), finally since the post will also goes on SFW page I goes with the more safe I can find. I’m really happy got something from Sxynmcn for the project and must take the chance get more if he open commissiosn a day. if he open commissions a day. For now feel free visit his page and also help him get the fuel to do more giving some love and support… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Artist: Sxynmcn / Request
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#729 – Tight clothes wont stop tentacles

With holidays I have no reason work harder on the blog and finally updates pages that need it since sooo long like the Curriculum page that I must finish today with Mario party, Mario Sport Superstars and even Mario Maker (yeah, Rosalina in in this one too). Anyway so many “Mario” games, I wish she get her own game a day… °w°
I’m also curious what people think about friend ranking (basically order them in term of preference), for sure there is people that like or don’t but also others (like me) that don’t want make a ranking but ask friends cause they want to know their position, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?


Not time to present a new illustration by Mothclip that I’m sad to announce will lose his feature as artist of the month, though he’s here since 4 months. Will be time present you a new wonderfull artist and no worry, you can find all listed on the dedicated page linked below. So, after Rosalina and Sonico in messy lingerie weeding dress, time for another crazy idea. It was a long thinking to get the prefect idea that will be both pleasant to draw and also a great challenge for Mothclip, I first got the theme and it’s seeing a fanart of her sister that I goes asking Rosalina and Marie from Splatoon abused by tentacles under clothes.
It was a long time I wanted an illustration with tentacles under clothes but since I wanted it massive and crazy with so much expectations I had to find an artist that I know have the power and talent to make it epic. There was a first try that finally was abandoned after the sketch (you can see on the right) from another artist and I finally decided go try again with Mothclip. This time instead of a pairing with Chun-Li I decided to go with Marie from Splatoon and make Rosalina’s dress really tight to have tentacles show better and a pose that give a nice view on both girls. The first sketch was already excellent but I asked for even more tentacles and high heels on Rosalina to get tentacles going around the heel… °w°
Also Mothclip accepted draw octopus tentacles adding suckers, it was a powerfull idea linked to Splatoon universe but really lot of extra work to draw and colour, I feel bad gave him so much extra work but like the result it’s marvellous. You can also noticed some see-through effects through Rosalina’s stockings that are really amazing and sure not easy figure, also some fluid but so bad don’t add a wetlook touch at some points. Finally compared to my original idea with tentacles everywhere, it’s so bad Mothclip missed add some on Rosalina’s sleeves and gloves but like all the work there is already it’s not a big deal. Also don’t know why but the artist that tried previously also missed tentacles on sleeves, maybe there’s a reason… O_o
I promise next one will be easier for Mothclip to manage, I have a deal for now that will make come an illustration from him each month and maybe pick him as artist for patreon raffle so stay tuned. And if you wish for more kinky or original illustrations (sometimes bit too crazy) don’t miss visit Mothclip‘s gallery until come the next piece from our commission series… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission

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#527 – Splatoon squid sisters want a… Squirt

Talked with Ska about some idea I had for the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and after some edits he have now the final version of the script. I’m happy how the story turned but I still can imagine and describe the hottest scene, no trouble to imagine what happen before and after sex though… Must write childre books if I wasn’t so pervert… XD
Also learned that I must be careful with YCH auction, I won one bondage pin-up that I really wanted cause the pose is gorgeous but like artist pricelist, for the same price I was able to get a duo… So stupid… T_T


On May 29th, the game Splatoon is officilay available on WiiU, like the huge promotion Nintendo made and all naughty fanarts on the web I’m sure you already heard and maybe know about this game. I also really wanted to have something with Rosalina and it’s xxxbattery who accepted this challenge and made a wonderfull illustration. He really have an amazing realistic style so was sure he wont be confident with Splatoon characters design (also must pair them with Rosalina) butxxxbattery answered “Splatoon sounds awesome” and you can imagine what happened next. I hope you like the result guys.
Those two ladies playing with Rosalina body are squid sisters singers (and fighters), named Callie for purple one and Maris for green one (also know as Aori and Hotaru in Japan). They appeared during the Nintendo direct about Splatoon for a short time but until I get the game, can’t tell what they will do in but at last you can be sure they get so much fanarts due to her crazy and original design. At first wanted a true fighter and messy piece from xxxbattery but a little kinky trio with Rosalina, Callie and Marie sounds so powerfull… Also for messy touch, xxxbattery drew already some fluid and there will be much more once they will make Rosalina cum… °w°
Callie and Marie design is fun, both are nice suits but my favorite detain are those crazy hats, a reversed slice of bread for Marie and a bowl (like the one to get food to dog) for Callie, btw xxxbattery made an error on this one and drew it like a normal hat instead of a bowl. I wasn’t able to be here during the livestream for a moment and missed the line of this part so was to late to ask for a change but it’s not xxxbattery fault and for the rest she’s perfect.
xxxbattery said he think to make a speedpainting of this illustration so stay turned if there is more to come and if you want more from this incredible artists you can find him on so much places like HentaiFoundry, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, he also do livestreams on Picarto and will open soon his own websitexxxbattery.com. So much places to manage, like all the time I spend only with the blog it’s really impressive. Don’t hesitate to visit some places, no doubt you will enjoy his art and maybe why not request him a day… ^^

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