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#846 – Bible Black lingerie

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nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover bible black Jody crowley hentai porn yuri sexy lingerie
I was thinking how make my patreon page more noticeable and attractive like showing previews on articles or even create a sponsorship/referral program but with that last point my mind told me you are going to far here… ^^’
Anyway guys, if you read this and arent a patreon member… Why not take a look and give it a chance?


New commission to Mothclip featuring a lingerie duo with Rosalina and Jody crowley from Bible black based on an outfit that was so sexy and the pose itself was also kinda perfect to show the perfection of the dress. I was wondering about figure a colour scheme with more blue for the dress but Mothclip prefered keep it white as the original, lookign at the result it’s better that way and both girls dress in white make it more homogeneous. I hope you guys like the result. ^__^
The illustration was going to be with realistic style so Mothclip had to make some edits from the original pose cause “it’s not really possible to pose them in a way i wanted and keep at least some part of chest and face of Jody“, here the more important for me was about that outfit on Rosalina and the edit would make Jody body show more so there was no problem at all. Also still one hand on Rosalina’s breast and the second teasing a little her wet princess pussy so I kinda have nothing I could dislike here. Maybe some people could not be used to Mothclip‘s style and head propotions in this piece but just take time visit his page and discover his art them I’m sure you’ll be addicted as me… °w°
At first, Jody crowley had to be on the right according the reference pose I chosen but Rosalina’s hair style was one wrong way on Mothclip‘s first sketch so we flipped the piece, that way it was more convenient than make more complex edit/redo and the result is still gorgeous. There the sketch on right side if you are curious, also the only edit I asked to Mothclip was have a breast covered on Rosalina to get more tight and see-through effect from this outfit… °w°
From this illustration I’m totally in love with the way Mothclip managed fabric on Rosalina arms unintentionally giving it a wetlook effect, my side I’m totally addicted to wetlook and messy (really my #1 fetish) and here I see appear a style that I dream to get since years is a messy drawing with clothes turning wet and sticky in that exact way. Now I have a problem cause I thinking since months to find the perfect idea to commission Mothclip again but can’t decide about one, so much things I would love to see with Rosalina having her wet and sticky dress sticky with some see-through effect, it’s frustration. T_T
According the budget it will take time before I can manage a new illustration to Mothclip (in fact I can’t manage any commission at all until mid August actually) but he’s really an artist I admire and with to work with again in the future especially for this wetlook or messy drawing. Only part I’m sad about this talented artist his the private works he did and that I can’t see, kinda insisted (I know it’s bad) but now you can be sure Mothclip is as much dedicated to do his best working on commission that protect privacy of his customers, really an artist you can commission your dirty fetishes and trust to keep them secret… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission
For commissions: mothclip@gmail.com
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#801 – Tentacles invocation with Itou Mika

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn bible black Itou Mika tentacles rape

And after a long silence, I got a message from the Ask Rosalina tumblr owner who told me ‘i just saw this i was totes gonna do this blog but i died and hardly use tumblr anymore‘. Anyway it end with some great new since she told me her new Deviantart is maxwellpuckett.deviantart.com so don’t miss take a look and give some love with favs/watch for more energy and motivation to continue… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/
Also there is murders and problems everywhere but for this week all that French actuality consider as important is the fights cause 70% off on Nutella (and really limited stocks as they said)… U_u


Now we are done with the 800th, let’s move slowly to the 900th and time to start with this new illustration by Sassafras. After Takashiro Hiroko, Rosalina meet Itou Mika for another crossover with Bible black universe, the original series is sure really dark but Sassafras show us that ritual and dark magic can also give love of fun… ^^
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentaclesI really love this piece, there is many parts Sassafras managed nicely to make it dynamic, expressive and exciting, for example as dynamic you have tentacles giving some aerial pose and action but also more discrete detail like Rosalina’s crown that will fall. No use to tell the tentacles also are important part for the pervert side, there is also the juicy or squirting part that make it even more intense. Finally that cute princess could be scary about tentacles but Rosalina already have some experience with tentacles with Piranha plants monsters from Mario universe like in the llustration by AAANinja (see it here) and more recently by xxxBattery (see it here) that you can also see on the left.
This illustration was ‘One of the three winning requests from my January lottery […] on my Tumblr‘, I sadly have to admit it took me a long time to post this illustration and I’m sorry for the delay. What is important to remember is Sassafras stopped raffle on tumblr but do monthly requests on her patreon page (here). Don’t mis have a look if you are interested, also according the actual rewards the 1$ tier give you a ‘line art request of your choice at the beginning of each month‘… Sure sounds powerfull offer °w°

Artist: Sassafras / lottery reward
Tumblr: www.sassafras34arts.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/sassafras34arts
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Sassafras/profile
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