#630 – Pretty princess under the rain

One of my patreon member got some troubles and had to stop all his pledges for now. Then he stopped after May pledges was proceeded and then was able win the patreon raffle. Hope how things will goes better soon for him but for now he asked Rosalina with one of the girl from Steven Universe series so stay tuned.
Also get the shoes for the tennis cosplay I made last week, was so happy that I did some photos that only a few people will see due to a special deal, still missing the tennis racket and must create a new crown to get it perfect. For now here is a little photo of the tennis suit if you are curious. °w°


After a lovely piece inspired by Botticelli’s painting, let’s continue on the cutie side with this new illustration by Mothclip. Here is a really different theme with casual Rosalina walking under the rain but always no way to forget about that innocent and ravishing look that suit so perfectly to this wonderfull princess. Mothclip drew her as pretty teen that may not know why she’s here and what she does but just have her freedom and innocence, she’s calm looking back with a cute face inviting us to join her for this surrealist walk.
As I said to Mothclip, if I have a chance see Rosalina that way, I’ll never wish for sunny days either. Love her wet clothes that have something sexy and sensual (but not really comfortable to wear), in that way they reveal all those perfect curves of Rosalina body but still hide hid to keep a mistery touch on her, that’s so wonderfull effect but hard to draw but it can’t resist to Mothclip skills. Also have a fetish for wetlook so see it on Rosalina is powerfull… \(^o^)/
For more you must enjoy visit Mothclip‘s gallery on HentaiFoundry, many ravishing to really kinky illustrations so you there is always a piece you will enjoy depending you mod. You’ll also notice Mothclip power to master both anime and realistic style as on the one with Millia Rage from Guilty Gear; an anime render that look very cute and lovely (See it here) vs the realistic version more badass and impressive (See it here). Then you can also contact him by mail and ask about commissions at mothclip@gmail.com to make your (kinky) dreams goes to reality, as example an illustration like this one would cost 30$.

Artist: Mothclip / Cost: 30$ (Deal)

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