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#901 – Kinky lovers under the rain

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It’s always hard for me to post again after publications like the 900th one, I’m so proud and happy about those and don’t want it be hidden wih the upcoming posts but if there is moment I need make the project continue. Maybe I’ll give them a dedicated tag like “Special even” or “exceptional” for posts dedicated to Rosalina’s birthday or milestones as example but I know it wont change too much for you… ^^’
Well, it was announced the pipe sitting cowgirl to come but I… forget that stupid USB key again so I keep it for later (so annoying since I already prepared everything). Also I would like complain about that bad rainy and cold weather in France but after hear it goes to -40°C in the U.S. I can admit I’m pretty lucky. Anyway how is the weather your side guys? Tell me about the world °o°


So until I get my datas back, today is an illustration by Mothclip who celebrated a free commission to his most dedicated supporters, I always say it’s important give some love and support to artists but in this case the artist is giving even more in return (he’s crazy). Of course when the artist offer a free drawing it’s nice give him something pleasant to draw but once again I wasn’t able restrain from my crazy ideas and asked Mothclip a scene under the rain with wet clothes and see-through and… He accepted… °o°
I guess what gave me the more troubles was to find a character with clothing that would looks nice when wet and I decided pair Rosalina with Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi after found a reference I liked and that you can see on the left and that have a pose surprisingly really close to the ref pose I send (coincidence since I notice it just now). On my favourite princess side I also asked for something specific, I wanted Rosalina not wear her usual dress but a rubber style dress to play even more with the see-through part, you can see the dress on the bottom and I know it was a little too insane stuff to request to Mothclip but he was so kind accept my request and do his best with it… Thanks so much my friend.
It’s when getting a mail I discovered about the result and noticed Mothclip originally managed to draw a pink rain coat on Rosalina, I sure told him about my surprise about this detail about this point and he told me “it’s pink just because it looks better with wet effect. Actually at first it was bluish green, but you didn’t specify raincoat color in the description, so i thought it wasn’t important and changed it for better result“. Made me notice I should be really careful cause there is some points that are logical and evident for me that may not be for artists, anyway doing Rosalina cosplay at con there is people that ask me if I’m Peach even having a blue dress so imagine giving her pink clothes… O_o
Anyway Mothclip was incredibly kind and managed to rework on that part and give Rosalina a blue rain coat that suit her now sooo perfectly. Anyway I decided post both version here giving a cool bonus with alternative raincoat colour but even more to get people notice the full work Mothclip putted in this illustration and don’t miss there was time spent on both creation but also modifications.
If you wish get an illustration from Mothclip easier way is request for commission or prepare yourself until he reach the 2k fans milestone but don’t think it will be easy. As you could read on his 1k fans milestone post he offered an illustration to people that gave him a great and constant support with constructive comments and talks. Could sounds lot of time if you only consider the illustration but don’t miss the social part and be sure Mothclip is a really cool and kind guy to talk with… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission
For commissions: mothclip@gmail.com
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