#480 – Solo – Pin-up power

Just noticed that the Rosalina and Juri post I made before was the 480th publication in the blog. If we count 10 per page it mean there is 48 page to enjoy, don’t sound really impressive at start but it’s quite a challenge to move to the first post I made 3 years ago. You can use the wishlist to move directly to the post but must know it at start, and my english was so bad that I wont help you. sorry guys… :p

Also, today it’s Tallon‘s birthday and if I talk about that it’s because he’s an incredible and powerfull guys who helped me so much with the blog and not only in fact. Happy birthday Tallon… (^o^)/


Today it’s soft but I freaking love that illustration made by angelikaTobi, a lovely artist from deviantart who really deserves that you take a look to her profile and gallery. You must love her style, really. Once I found her on Deviantart, noticed a kiriban was ON and decided to try. Had to keep an eye on angelikaTobi‘s profile for a long time but I finally won and the result is just damn powerfull, she made an excellent illustration…

You can be sure I asked for a Rosalina illustration after caught angelikaTobi‘s kiriban (10k) and it was a wonderfull idea. A so beautifull and lovely pin-up but the best is with her hair style. It’s like she have horns who give her a more rebel and ahgressive look but she keep a lovely and innocent face. At the end with have a powerfull mix into cuteness and power, so beautifull as dangerous, love so much your drawing angelikaTobi… Thanks sooo much… °w°

The dress is also really beautifull, angelikaTobi drew it like regular clothes but keep it to the original one. we can see Rosalina navel and with some other points the dress is really close to her body, it add a sexy touch and there is also a wind effect, it look more dynamic. angelikaTobi made a powerfull illustration; expressive, lovely, sexy and dynamic, what a powerfull combo… Look wonderfull…

Once again if you want to see more weel free to take a look to angelikaTobi’s gallery (here). So many cool pics from a simple bust to lovely couple or comic. If you are interested by commission just keep in mind that this kind of illustration cost less than 1$ for the moment (really). angelikaTobi really do her best with commissions and for this price it’s more than cheap.

Artist: angelikaTobi  /  Cost: Raffle

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