Dota 2 – Legion Commander

Nintendo finally announced Rosalina Amiibo on the 3rd batch. She will be available in France on January 23th (you can see the French box on the right). don’t know about the rest of the world, I think will be the same for everybody but once I have time I’ll check for other countries. As me the figure look great, just hands and chest who look kinda special but she’s really cool, can’t wait to have one…

Must buy more than one but must be more fun to have from various countries and different boxes, like one from Japan, one from USA, one Korean… Etc… Must be so powerfull… °w°


Now let start this week introducing DnK161 and his illustration pairing Rosalina with Legion Commander from Dota 2. I played so much Dota once I was at school, as if I moved to League of Legends instead of Dota 2 I always keep an eye on both games characters. Legion Commander is the first of the series to join Rosalina. New character, series and artist, good job DnK161… ^^

DnK161 made an excellent illustration, I really love colors and make a pendent version of Rosalina medallion to keep it as if she’s naked is great. It seem DnK161 really love piercings, two one Rosalina and as if I’m not a huge fan of this it make her more rebel so that make the duo with Legion more realistic. Now both look so sexy as dangerous, be carefull guys.

A great piece but you can be sure not the best that DnK161 made, since this one he published other illustration and really increased his level like his last publications, the last girl look gorgeous, damn beautifull as sexy with her latex suit, can make a powerfull wallpaper. Feel free to take a look to DnK161’s gallery, there is so much cool characters… Oh yeah…

Artist: DnK161  /  Cost: Request

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