Pokemon – #350 Milotic

This post come late, really busy with work and you know how it’s hard to get motivation after a bad day but I must be serious about the blog and can’t leave so easily. For Rosalina and also as honor to all artists who contributed and are now waiting to see their illustrations here. I wont forget you guys…

Also looking for a someone who lives in Japan and can help me get a Rosalina amiibo. As if there is some sites where I can find it, due to taxes on products it’s freaking expensive at the end… O_o


Was a long time without new piece to add on “Where is my pokemon?” project and I’m glad to show you this powerfull illustration I received from RedBenjamin. He decided to pair Rosalina with an humanized Milotic and must admit I love that idea. With eevee evolutions, Gardevoir and Lilligant, Milotic is one of my fav pokemons and she’s now here. Thanks so much RedBenjamin… (^o^)/

You can be sure each illustration I receive is a huge surprise. As me the more important is the artist have fun and freedom so RedBenjamin was free to pick the character he would love to draw and came with a amazing girl, I hope you like his illustration too guys. In fact I let too much freedom that artists sometimes forget about the main theme of the blog and I receive curious pairings, you will be surprised by next publication btw.

Both are really beautifull and this saliva bridge add a more kinky and sensual touch, seem Milotic was curious to see how taste Rosalina and for sure she must love this sweet princess love juice. I also asked to RedBenjamin gave that expression to Rosalina, she look not satisfied and kinda annoyed, he said “I meant to make her smile, but it doesn’t show very well with that mouth i’m not use to“. Maybe Rosalina is sad that Milotic stopped but for sure they will have lot of fun together, oh yeah… °w°

Once again, thanks so much for your kindness and this awesome piece RedBenjamin, you really did an excellent job with coloration, light effects on Rosalina’s crown and Milotic body. Guys, if you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to his Deviantart (here) and also Tumblr (here) for extra things.

Artist: RedBenjamin  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Tumblr: www.sirredbenjamin.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.redbenjamin.deviantart.com

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