[Calendar Soft] Fire Emblem – Lucina

Still 49 followers on the blog since a long time, where is the 50th? Also guys I’m glad to see some of you vote on the pool under posts. Also feel free to leave comments and give me your opinion, feedback or ideas. I want to be sure everybody enjoy visiting the blog but don’t know what you feel, I’m not a mentalist (for the moment)… ^^

And Christmas is coming, I’m sad I don’t have picture for this event but I will have the calendar to celebrate new year, just wait to see what Mavruda will imagine for this new piece… °w°


And about Mavruda, this illustration was planned to be the one with the goomba (yeah, still don’t believe it), I received the illustration of December Wallpaper (SFW version) and must show it ASAP, we already are in the middle of december so kinda late but Mavruda really had so much work with his site and always to his best so I’m just happy to be able show you his new piece… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

This time, I must admit the safe version is kinda sexy, more ecchi than safe but in December, Smash Bros. is now available on WiiU and it mean compared to the 3DS version we have now Rosalina in HD. And must be stupid don’t have more beautifull and detailled clothes so time to give her some beautifull lingerie, and love Mavruda‘s illustration…. Can’t wait to play with her, *Nose bleeding*…

The other lady is also playable on Smash Bros. She joigned for this new version and is freaking powerfull, able to block an attack and give it back, how dangerous but like this she look really more lovely and sexy, I let Mavruda pick the second girl he want to be with Rosalina and Lucina is an excellent choice. Both look so calm but you can be sure once they will enter the battle with these suits, oponents wont be able to fight, how powerfull… Mwahahahah…

Once again, congrat for this amazing illlustration and thanks so much for your efforts Mavruda, also guys if you are curious feel free to visit his sites mydirtydrawings.com or the free version mydirtydrawing.net but if you want exclusivity and amazing piece the first one is for you. Also thanks to the lovely Suika who helped me edit a little the wallpaper to add some text. Must learn to use photoshop and do it myself next time.

Artist: Mavruda  /  Cost: special
Website: www.mydirtydrawings.com
Website free: www.mydirtydrawing.net
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

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  1. SagashiIndustries

    And there should be another pic with Lucina fairly soon, if I”m not mistaken.


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