Special – Giant Racoon Goomba

One new follower on the twitter today, thanks . If it continue on that way I’ll have more on twitter than the blog but you can be sure it’s so powerfull to “see” you guys, better than a guest visitor who increase the counter by 1. I can know who people are and also since they follow it mean they love it and that’s a great support. Oh yeah… ^__^

Also worked on the guro page today, if you don’t like this kind of piece don’t worry, you can’t find they regularly visiting the blog, only people who find a guro illustration out of the blog are able to find the page so don’t worry. You can be sure I take care of my visitors but don’t hesitate tolet a little comment if you have any suggestion or trouble.


Today I’m finally able to show you RollieFingaz‘s illustration (love that name), I had to report it to publish December calendar I just received cause it’s already middle of December. If everything fine the adult version will come before christmas. But back to RollieFingaz, this illustration “This was inspired by a conversation I had with RosalinaxGirl about his favorite character. It gave me chance to practice on some things“. I fell so honored… °w°

Must admit this illustration look special on a yuri blog and this goomba don’t seem to be a female but I love the result and RollieFingaz‘s idea, after all I always wonder what goomba can do without hands but as racoon they know how use their new tail. RollieFingaz also had the kindness to draw Rosalina for me and there is some excellent details so you can be sure I had to publish it, I’ll just say today is a more original post than usual. XD

The main question about the Goomba is what he have in mind and will do with Rosalina,must keep an eye on him and also enjoy that view. Just don’t say I’m pervert but can’t close our eyes if we don’t want lost the goomba so no choice, Mwahahah. I love how RollieFingaz drew Rosalina, really expressive as sexy, a perfect ass, some lingerie and high heels (I love high heels). With a little imagination it’s easy to animate this illustration, the goomba running and Rosalina who shout for help. You can be sure you made a powerfull illustration RollieFingaz, thanks so much… (^o^)/

Also guys if you are curious don’t hesitate to take a look to RollieFingaz’s gallery, there is really interesting and various illustration, to beautifull and sexy ladies to a Destroyer mutant Gummy Bear (yeah, really). He’s really talented and I’m sure can be epic with more practice but without some nice comment and feedback not easy for artist to find motivation. Don’t hesitate to come and let a little comment to RollieFingaz, as if it’s short you can be sure he will have a great power… Oh yeah…

Artist: RollieFingaz  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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