#485 – Solo – So pure

I was at Uselessboy‘s livestream there is two days, he was working on his special Christmas illustration with disney fairies and like his style you can be sure it will be epic. You can see a part of the sketch on the right and if you want more don’t hesitate to follow him on livestream (here) or HentaiFoundry (here) for the final version once it will be done. So exciting… °w°

Also, I really love Tinkerbell she was 4 times with Rosalina for the blog and also have Rosalina with her sister Periwinkle. Now I want to continue with disney fairies and have the other with Rosalina but can’t decide about next one. Who’s your favorite?


 This time it’s Asmo-dA who had the kindness to accept my request an participate to the blog with a so lovely and pure as sexy Rosalina pin-up. He really have a powerfull style and I have now a part of his art in the blog. Not a duo but like the result I don’t care, he made a marvelous illustration and as if it was “a warm up” he did an excellent job. Also hate the idea the artist feel he end with empty hands so know Asmo-dA enjoyed to draw Rosalina and use it as training to practice. Sound powerfull… (^o^)/

Really love Asmo-dA illustration, the best part as me is really Rosalina face, she look cute, adorable, innocent, pure… A really expressive and adorable face who can make us forget she’s naked and her pussy is also visible, create a great mix into cuteness and sexiness is not easy and in this case, Asmo-dA is really talented, she’s just terribly cute, I love so much Rosalina and seeing her like this, just want to be with her and protect her. As if she a terrible fighter on smash bros. Asmo-dA made her so pure and fragile… Thanks so much for this marvelous illustration…

Also so much details and colors are beautifull, there is great shading effects and some parts are close to a realistic style as feet and hair (her head is perfect, can make a beautifull avatar). As I love so much lingerie, Asmo-dA have a huge fetish for feet, don’t see it so much on this illustration and honestly I discovered it with the rest of his gallery (here), don’t hesitate to take a look. Some illustrations are really hot (love his Syndra and Ireala piece).

AS if my eyes can’t stop moving into her cute face and pussy I didn’t missed these Lumas around her. They are a really important part of Rosalina and that’s great Asmo-dA added some to the illustration, don’t think a Luma is easy to draw, since they are alive with “arm” and “legs” it’s kinda complicated to make them look good, after all Asmo-dA said “actually ,it took me more time to study how to draw Lumas” but at the end your illustration is just perfect, I’ll never stop be amazed by this illustration and I’m sure not the only who will love it. Oh yeah…

Artist: Asmo-dA  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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  1. Omni Maid

    Hoolyy … that’s gorgeous! That’s some serious beauty. *4*

  2. Suika

    This one is awesome ! 😀


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