Borderland – Gaige [Speedpainting]

Suika is reall dangerous, she’s really kind, talented and have powerfull ideas, it’s why my budget thinks she’s dangerous in fact. She suggested to use a chibi Rosalina as mascot to illustrate the blog as example for all buttons. For sure it can look so beautifull but must have like 10 illustration to commission, can’t really for the moment. If only Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic can be more popular, don’t be shy guys, you can be sure you will love it… ^^

Four illustration (and many more updates) this week, must be more calm after that. spent so much time on the blog this week just because I was really lazy, that’s not cool but you can’t imagine how many time and energy it need af for all artist who put so much efforts to draw Rosalina… Oh yeah…


So much to come with this illustration I commissioned to Suika, she accepted to record her drawing sessions to make a speedpainting video (here) and it gave me the idea to create a page to regroup all speedpainting I made or received with illustrations I published on the blog. The one from Suika is the 5th speedpainting so if you are curious to see how artists work feel free to take a look. Just hope a day I’ll also have a record of a traditional painting, must be powerfull… °w°

Now before spend some time on this new powerfull page you must enjoy this new illustration by Suika. After Moxxi (here) and Lilith (here) it’s time for Gaige from the Borderland series to join and have an intimate and sweet moment with Rosalina. Generaly Suika is more into sensual and romantic illustration but it can be really more naughty when she’s into tentacles and it also depend of the commissioner wishes.

I really love this drawing, Suika made a wonderfull illustration, really sensual and detailed. As example as if I’m not a huge fan or piercings the one one Gaige nipples are cool and there is also a huge work with shadings. For the second part feel free to take a look at the speedpainting video (here) to see more about Suika‘s technique and power… That’s always really interesting to see how an artist work. The original was 45mn length but I thought is must be a little to much so there is a new one with speed x3.

If you want to see more Suika, feel free to take a look to her Hentaifoundry gallery and why not ask for a little commission to see her make your (naughty) dreams come true. Must commission her again in the future once my budget gets better and I think to Rosalina with Suika‘s OC: Suika. Yeah, she drew herself and look so beautifull as original… I’m sure you will love her guys…. ^^

Artist: Suika  /  Cost: 40$

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