#143 – Nintendo – Peach + Daisy N°2

princess Rosalina nintendo easter bunnygirl yuri peach daisy

Happy Easter everybody… (^o^)/

Yesterday I see a blog when the girl say see reach 100.000 views and have more 30.000 comments. Here there is 38.000 views and 46 comments for the moment… So bad you are not a lot who comment here… Say your opinion guys… Say you’re alive!!! And about this, a huge thanks to Yukikah who post more than 30 comments here… And to answer to some other comments, I’ll move some watermarks soon on the bottom, It’s now done for Rosalina and Menace, enjoy it guys… (And a thanks as comment is always appreciate… ;p)

So about the new pic it’s a commission asked to EcchiTako, He have a nice style and gallery but the best is his little “Pet play” series click here see it). There is bird, pony and puppy in his gallery, Maybe I really want more with this serie and maybe with Rosalina so I asked a pic… hope you like the result guys.

EcchiTako idea was “Rosalina being fussed over by Peach and Daisy, who are turning her into a little corseted bunny girl.”… Maybe the idea was great a it must a be good post for easter and I love this pic, Rosalina is so beautifull and sexy like this, maybe ask a commission again EcchiTako must be a great idea, I must think about that… ^^

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