#242 – Mario – Daisy N°4

I didn’t expected the little event for my birthday can cause a little war here and sincerely I’m not interesting about that… I received a curious or pretty funny drawing I’ll show you in my birthday post on January and for people who didn’t notice it, on the bottom of each post there is a little vote, and the only I received is from a guys who voted “dislike” twice in each post… But finally I glad about one point… They are just jealous… XD

It was a long time since I show drawing with Peach and Daisy, at a moment artists often suggested these character, that’s why I have more than drawing with Peach and Rosalina but since summer holidays, Peach and Daisy were missing… Though the problem is now fix for Daisy, thanks so much to Savvader for this awesome drawing…

It was one year since I asked to Savvader if he can draw Rosalina as request for my blog, the answer was “yes” so just so nice but after that I never heard Savvader and totally forgot him… But he never forget me… (^o^)/

Hope you like this drawing guys, it’s really sexy, pretty romantic and I love the Luma; it’s just so funny… And like Savvader’s gallery there is a chance it’s not the only Rosalina he made… I published an other drawing I think with Rosalina and Daisy but as category he selected Games » Mario » Princess “Peach” Toadstool… With Savvader‘s style we don’t really recognize Rosalina lock and her hair style look a little different, more like Peach one so I prefer ask… And maybe you will hear more about Savvader soon…. Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Savvader / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Missy from Elite Beat Agents

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