#269 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach & Daisy N°3

I played minecraft with some friends and no time for the blog but5 days without any update here, that’s not good. I agree it’s not so much complicated post a new drawing but that’s always so hard find what I can say for a great post and like my english level I’m not really fast… With all updates in the wishlist and first post I think I need like 2 hours for a post… I must work faster… T_T

So let’s enjoy this new drawing by the lovely Bugaboo. He have an awesome style and some drawing so powerfull in his gallery, his arabian girls are damn beautifull (and sexy) but there is other girls I love like Cynthia, Haruhi and if you want to see the other, don’t hesitate take a look to Bugaboo’s gallery (you wont regret it guys)… ^^

After a solo arabian rosalina (see it here), Now it’s time to have some fun with Peach and Daisy in the Harem (but who is the owner?)… I love Rosalina face a little surprised but she still have some experience with Peach and Daisy and like the pose I’m sure she’s ready to enjoy it… Oh yeah…

A huge thanks to Bugaboo because at start the original version is with piercings and naked girls (you can see it here) but Bugabooremembered Harmonie_Rosalina‘s birthday as being around this time, and I remembered he always liked the transparent clothing but disliked the piercings of the Arabian series. So here you go!… And that’s true, I’m not a huge fan of piercings but transparent clothing or lingerie is amazing… Thanks so much Bugaboo… (^o^)/

Artist: Bugaboo / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Black cat from Marvel’s universe (see it here)

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