#270 – Disgaea => Rozalin N°2

I know the blog wasn’t really active these last days and it’s a busy week-end so not really a lot of time to update the bog and look for new artists but I have some projects for the next week I prepare a new page for the blog and want to restart the soft version. For people who don’t know it, it’s www.rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com… Don’t hesitate to take a look and follow this one too… ^^

For people who don’t know or remember Empty, he already contribute to the blog with an awesome drawing featuring Rosalina and some girls from Disgaea (see it here) and contribute again with a new Rosalina x Rozalin pairing… You’re amazing, thanks so much Empty… (^o^)/

So this time there, no fight so Rsalina and Rozalin can relax a little and enjoy each other. Wet kiss and pussy, it’s just the start and will be hot… Now let’s your imagination decide what they can do after this guys, hope you like it…

Empty don’t colour his art but really do amazing pieces, you must take a look at his hentaifoundry profil (here) or Empty‘s blog (here). Empty really have a huge gallery in hentaifoundry so with more than 250 drawings I’m sure you will find some amazing pics. My favourite in his recents submissions are “Miss Pokemon 2012” and “Suspenders with OC”… I must ask Rosalina with suspender a day, it look so amazing… XD

Artist: Empty / Cost: 0$ (gift)
Deviantart: http://emptyani.deviantart.com
Blogspot (18+): http://emptyhollowed.blogspot.ca/
Hentaifoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Empty/profile

Added to wishlist: Catherine and Katherine (see it here)

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