#271 – Solo – Cowgirl Rosalina

New week started and I promise you it will be a special day here… New pages are comming to say more about some projects I want to do with Merethide and Dmfo as example but the next post will be really special too. It wont be a picture but story with some characters from various origine and of course Rosalina… Stay turnet guys… ^^

The drawing of the day was drew by the awesome Santafire as test commission. In fact Santafire sent me a message saying he want to do commission but don’t feel really confortable about it and asked to do it for free… You can be sure I asked him to draw Rosalina and was so happy with Santafire proposition.

As you can see the result is just awesome and Santafire is really professional sending regular update about the commission asking if I need some changes or suggestions so don’t hesitate send him a message if you are looking for commissions… Oh yeah… XD

Santafire said he ‘ I want to see how well I can work under a set of restrictions to get used to the idea of commissions‘ but I wanted to be sure he will be happy and have a lot of pleasure doing this commission. After take a look at his hentaifoundry gallery (see it here) I noticed some horse dick and huge insertions so I asked “> Rosalina (what else) having some fun with an horse Dildo and anal bread in a cowgirl outfif “. I love high heels, huge dildo and cow-girl outfit really turn me on so it was the best way to have a new Rosalina like that… It’s the 3rd time she wear a cow-girl outfif and you can be sure it’s not the last… Prepare yourself guys… °w°

Thanks again for you incredible work Santafire, comparate to the rest of your gallery I really see during this commission how you increased your style, especially for light and shadow for the colored version… Good luck with commissions, I know you have the level to make epic drawing and the first was with Rosalina… So powerfull… (^o^)/

Artist: Santafire / Cost: 0$ (test commission)

Added to wishlist: Rainbow Mika from Street fighter (see it here)


  1. L2

    Hum, j’aime bien le dessin, ya un bon style.
    Au fait je voulais te demander, tu m’avais passé un lien qui devait donner sur une page de ton blog regroupant toutes les images futa, sauf qu’il ne marchait pas et me renvoyait à la page d’accueil, et vu que je n’ai pas trouvé de tag dans tes articles… En tout cas ça m’intéresserait si tu pouvais résoudre mon problème ^^ .

  2. Hernandez Aizawa

    hello! yeah, it looks like it’s it, but it’s ok! ;D thanx for your comment! and this is a really really great site you did! loved the idea. sure I will contribute to it later! see ya

  3. Anonymous

    You’re a fucking cheapskate.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      I’m not a cheapskate, if you really see my blog I ask a lot of commissions to but the true problem is the money. There is a lot of artist I want to commission but I can’t… An european can be poor too, but I do my best to let this blog active… I must do it for Rosalina…

      Thanks for the dislike, I love your support, that’s easy to say that since you don’t do anything… T_T

    2. Rosalina x Girl

      Oh, and I forgot but I plan to commission Santafire until he open commission to ask him a true commission… Hope you will commission him too because you are not a cheapskate and must love to support Santafire art.


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