#595 – Mistres Temari and Galactic milk

Rosalina Nintendo temari cowgirl latex bondage domination Rosalina Nintendo temari cowgirl latex bondage domination

I’s happy and surprised to see Victoria Seras is still kinda popular character, recently noticed some new fanarts (wont complain that some are damn naughty) and she’s also the winner of the February patreon raffle. I already chosen the artist and waiting for his answer before start the illustration. As for the illustration with Poison it will be published on the blog but first for patreon members so feel free to support the project to get extra content and join the next raffle.
Damn, I’l still not use to bold in my posts, don’t appear in the previous one but I’m kinda confident with the result and must continue on that way. No positive feedback but nothing negative too at last. There is also a french proverb saying ‘no news, good new‘ so no reason to stop. ^^


Here is a character that I really love and meet Rosalina for the 4th time, looking at new artists I discovered Geknebelt and his two Damsels of Naruto Bundle that you can find here. For sure Temari is on both looks so damn hot, that’s why I asked about commission to get a kinky crossover with Rosalina. After talking with him to my project and we found and idea that can get dominatrix touch mixed with my cowgirl fetish (with chaps). After wearing the cowgirl suit several time, Rosalina got a different suit, must admit I prefer her as cowgirl but can’t deny Geknebelt drew her so sexy and kinda exciting in that way.
As bonus on the right, the first sketch I received from Geknebelt kinda rough for sure but it was first to confirm Rosalina pose and point of view and everything that had to be on the illustration. So much details and fetishes listes and be sure it’s not always easy for an artist to mix everything. There is just the ‘Galactic milk missing on the bucket but not the more important detail at all. ^^
Turned as cow it’s now too late for resignations and be sure Rosalina must keep the job until that bucket is full of galactic milk. Also more than milking the whip is also here to make the game even more spicy, I’m sure both must enjoy it and next time will be Rosalina revenge… Now as high heels lover can’t miss to talk about Rosalina’s shoes that Geknebelt suggested, those are hoof heels like the ref on the left. So bad we don’t recognize so much that wonderfull fetish accessory cause the cow prints make them like a latex hose but you can’t imagine how those shoes are hell to draw and Geknebelt sure did his best and the result is so cool… °w°
Two versions for a little variation on Temari’s boots cause Geknebelt made them red at first and I was more into brown to be closer to the cowgirl suit. Finally I let you enjoy both and wonder which one is your favorite. At last high heels boots and a mix into Temari fishnet from her original suit and cowgirl outfit make an incredible combo and not boot color that change a lot the fact she’s so powerfull and damn lucky with that sweet submissive pet she got. Geknebelt sure made an awesome job and if you want more don’t miss his deviantart gallery or blogspot (here) for even more kinky forbidden content but so bad there is no updates since 2012. U_u

Artist: Geknebelt / Cost: 35$
Deviantart: www.geknebelt.deviantart.com
Blogger: www.geknebeltbondage.blogspot.ca

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