#592 – Sweety and realistic

Patreon members already get the illustration from January raffle and you’ll be able discover it on the next post. If you want to join you can get extra content and entering a raffle to decide about what character to be with Rosalina and can also sugegst some fetishes if you wish depending of the artist choose. Also if more member I’ll create a new raffle for the 2$ tier to pick a pose or (kinky) fetishes on solo Rosalina piece. get more infos here.
Most of the illustration I received are from Deviantart and I must be back a little to find new one on hentaiforundry. Also if you know some people who are open to commission or interested to contribute to this project please tell them about it for even more sweet and powerfull Rosalina illustrations… Oh yeah… °w°


Time for a lovely pin-up with traditional style I received from the really kind and amazing kake07 that do awesome pin-up and publish so much in his gallery. He accepted to participate to my project and as if no duo the result is so damn powerfull. I was stunned by that Rosalina kinda young, lovely and realistic, kake07 drew her close to the perfection. Maybe since Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma race would be better for kake07 to put a Luma instead of power star but I’m the one that is into Rosalina and had to talk about it.
Anatomy and hair style are perfect and kake07 really impressed me with that point, so much artists put the hair lock on the wrong side, sometimes cause they have to cheat and don’t have the hair lock don’t hide all Rosalina face due to the pose or just cause they don’t care on that point (it happen) so we really see when an artist took time to find reference and study Rosalina before start. Another point that can explain kake07 drew her so powerful lat the first time, he told me ‘I’ve been drawing my girfriend pretty often and she hides her eye too, and also she’s blonde and blue eyed too so in that part was a bit easier‘. How lucky man… °o°
For more illustration don’t miss to visit kake07’s gallery (here), he upload quite often and always do gorgeous ladies, always so ravishing with that spicy touch for a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. A nice comment is always welcome but kake07 is also open for critics since it’s constructive, those are always interested to read and can help artists know on part to focus or be careful to increase his level. Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: kake07 / Cost: Request

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