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#403 – Wallpaper calendar – February

February 2014
Happy Chinese New Year

Soft version

Adult version

Mavruda is really busy and have so much to do but I must admit if the publication is late, it’s my fault. sorry about that everydoby. Now enjoy the new wallpapers, I hope you like them anf of course feel free to use your favorite.

I wonder who will be able to post the hentai one on his screen… What a powerfull challenge… XD

#063 – Street fighters – Chun Li

“Now I have to publish it on my blog… Oh yeah… I’m a litle late so I promise you doing this on the week”
Result: It’s on the week, but one week later… not good… T_T

So happy to show you Rosalina and Chun Li for the 2nd round… I really love this pic, Baytox (the artist, of course ;p) have an incredible style for beautifull and so cute face but nice level for huge breast too… Enjoy it…

I think this pic is more ecchi than Hentai but if you have some imagination, you can say what happend in the first round… Or during the second… XD

So thanks so much to Baytox for his kindness and this so nice pic… This was a request and I see he really work a lot with it… So don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, it must be really nice for him… ^^

Artist: Baytox / Price: Request