#200 – Street Fighter – Ibuki

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Street Fighter Ibuki
I agree my love for Rosalina look really stupid for a lot of people, I know it but each time a friend say me I’m scary, it always make me sad… And this time it was Merethide who said that… Bwaaaa… Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow, it must be better to start the week-end… Scary… Scary… Scary…

In fact all is not lost, a little smile come after see who is the next drawing, a really beautifull one by the lovely Mavruda who accepted my request without say me something, just had a nice surprise when I see this new drawing in hentaifoundry and something interesting; Mavruda made a second drawing involving Rosalina and Ibuki, but you have to wait a little before see it here… ^^

The first time I see Mavruda are, it was a drawing involving Ibuki and Raven (see it beside)… After this I though “I must have Rosalina with this girl” so when I see mavruda accepted request, you be be sure I asked him if my project pick his interest… And he participate… thanks so much Mavruda… You’re so nice… (^o^)/

Nothing more to say than I love this drawing, just so beautifull and really sexy (All I love with Rosalina). Interesting detail: Rosalina wand… Not a lot of artist think to add this and it’s the only item Peach don’t have, I fact Peach don’ have lumas and this awesome observatory but it’s really rare to see it… I have a lot of lumas but some mushrooms and stars from originals Mario games… Yeah, stars and luma are not the same thing… ;p

Artist: mavruda / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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