#201 – Solo – Simply cute

I know this drawing is a little special… This time you don’t have to “fap fap fap” so hide a little your pervert face and say ‘Wow… It’s beautifull‘… Like I often say, a little soft is not so bad and geniusfetus made a really beautifull Rosalina so I really wanted to show it here… Hope you like it guys… ^^

A huge thanks to the lovely geniusfetus (also know as Boolyonzy in HentaiFoundry) who accepted draw Rosalina… As request… But the more surprising is the drawing he sent me… Like his hentaiFoundry account I expected something more… explicit but geniusfetus created something really soft… I’m not sad because it’s a beautifull one for the soft blog… A so beautifull Rosalina… (^o^)/

So I asked to geniusfetus if he have other account or blog to see more of his art, especially his soft artwork and I finaly saw his deviantart account… And it was… surprising… If you see his gallery, in the middle of some armors, guns, monsters (really detailed and sometimes scary)… In the middle of geniusfetus‘s deviantart gallery (See his gallery here) this cute Rosalina… It curious… O_o

I was a little embarassed because like geniusfetus style, ask a drawing like this one is more a joke… but I hear “ It was a nice change of pace to draw her “… So I’m glad, geniusfetus too… that’s nice… XD

Little quote to finish, geniusfetus put an interesting description, and don’t worry being cheeky is perfectly fine:

A cheeky french fellow requested a drawing of Super Mario galaxys Rosalina, which I finally got around to doing. – Drawing a chick without giant tats, mutations, or heavy weaponry felt a little strange I gotta admit.But all in all it was still fun to do.

Artist: Geniusfetus / Cost: Request
Portfolio: www.kory.carbonmade.com
Deviantart: http://geniusfetus.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Boolyonzy.php

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