#390 – Solo – Impressive breasts

Christmas is over and a new year started, Now time to go back to normal with new illustration. I also need to find new artist to draw Rosalina. Some amazing piece came since she wa announced as playable character on smash bros. (Here is the video) but they wan’t created for the blog. Thought I’ll ask to put them on the bonus page

Don’t forget that you can win a free drawing participating to the last event You’re dream by Mavruda. Just let a comment with an idea and if Mavruda choose it at the end, your dreaw will come true… Oh yeah… XD


Let start new year with a beautifull and pretty sexy solo made as request by the powerfull kozuki-kallen who also have an impressive deviantart gallery (see it here). Rosalina look so beautifull as always and shy face add a lovely touch but how we can stay calm looking at this gorgeous and so sexy body… She’s so powerfull… °w°

I love that pose, that’s simple but Rosalina look really sensual and show us her perfect body. btw, I think kozuki-kallen drew one of the biggest breasts for Rosalina but this adorable face don’t turn her into a slut. This so lovely and beautifull, you did an amazing piece kozuki-kallen… (^o^)/

As you can see kozuki-kallen‘s galery have ton of pervert stuff but it didn’t mean he will make a hentai piece. Deviantart is full of surrpising artists, some with a lovely gallery decided to make somethign explicit with Rosalina and there is an hentai artist who made a really soft piece so each time it’s a powerfull surrpise… finally kozuki-kallen keep his original style and make a super hot Rosalina but you can be sure it’s not the hottest girl he drew…

Don’t hesitate to take a look to kozuki-kallen profiles on Deviantart (here) and also on Pixiv (here). I think his main account is the deviantart one but there is some uncensored and alternative versiosn on pixiv so the best way is to visit both… I’m sure you will love it guys… XD

kozuki-kallen, once again it’s a huge thanks for your kindnes and this amazing piece but also time to apologize for the long time to publish your illustration. As I promised I never forgot you but not a reason to let you wait so long… Sorry about that… U_u

Artist:kozuki-kallen  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1137645

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Added to wishlist: Anna and Elsa from Frozen (see it here)

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