#633 – Fireworks and Firecracker

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Expected enjoy the freedom from last week-end to relax a bit with friends and then work hard on the blog lookign at new artists and doing more photos but it finally ended as I was really sick, not able to eat/drink anything without vomit (medicaments included), then can’t move cause tired and no sleep too due to the pain. Then on Sunday I had to come and manage the new post, that’s why it came a bit late but I’m glad I still was able write something nice.
patreon members also get their reward and there is some epic pieces in the queued. Thinking at Psicoero that made two excellent duo and Lunakiri that is working on something that must show how she increased her level during those last months if she continue on that way… Will be epic… \(^o^)/


For people that alreay played League of Legends and then know about Jink and her personality, you can be sure it’s not because JamilSC11 made her looks so cute and adorable that Rosalina don’t have to be careful but I think for this time no way to worry about that lovely princess. The character is adorable and love that skin with Japan style dress so I asked this pairing to JamilSC11 and it turned so ravishing. Both cute, adorable, a bit sexy and maybe looking at the alternative version once firework show will be over and no light around then this dating will goes on a more sensual way… °w°
I really love how turned both dress, JamilSC11 really did a great job with them starting from the sketch that was able give us an idea of both clothes/naked versions, must admit the suit with that kind of see through effect would be sooo sexy but it’s already really pleasant that way. Must admit I chosen Jinx cause JamilSC11 already drew that version and it turned really nicely. Then knowing she have some experience with both character and how she’s able amaze us no way she can’t make that pairing looks epic and ravishing.
Maybe a little too much adorable cause you can’t imagine looking at them that JamilSC11 paired a psychopath and an innocent princess together. Create unique and kinda impossible duo is a reason I love so much that project, as for the illustration with Shauntal I published before (see it here), it’s the first and maybe the only time you can see an illustration with those ladies together.
Rosalina dress have is so beautifull; Chinese dress inspiration, sexy touch and colors of the original one that mix so nicely together, maybe a little mistake with Rosalina’s crown cause not the same design as the one she wear and jewels have to be red and blue (red one in front if you wonder). I agree it’s kinda minor detail and to be honest the only error I can find here so for those that aren’t so addicted as me to Rosalina it must looks perfect. Maybe a fan of Jinx that will come and find a little error on her, then if JamilSC11 putted on her so much efforts as for Rosalina I just wish you good luck… XD
I hope you enjoyed this illustration guys and since I dedicated this week to JamilSC11 the next illustration will also be by her. Prepare you to discover a new series and project we started, safe this time but must be so cool if we are able finish it. Anyway don’t miss to visit JamilSC11’s profile cause there is always powerfull commission offer with cool bonus and looking at the gallery many other adorable or more kinky illustrations as you prefer.

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 15$

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