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#834 – Ahri teacher with naughty student

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Was out this week-end since this Sunday (May 27th) was mother day in France so family obligations. There is a thing that surprise me is it exist in many countries but never at the same time so curious what rules it exactly. Still I have to admit I got a little accident moving to the place damaging my car and mother’s portal.
Mother wasn’t bad against me, she’s really cool and adorable but that’s still fucking annoying and I wasn’t in the mod to write a great post in time so come one day late. Sorry everybody (and sorry again mom) U_u


New illustration from B-side7715, a really talented and damn kind artist that I must admit I always try move at his limits to have him draw the sexiest Rosalina he can without break is rule saying his art my follow deviantart policy. Here I commissioned B-side7715 a sexy piece with teacher Ahri and schoolgirl Rosalina mixing two refs I love.
Basically D.A. policy say no penetration or contact with genital and no fluid, of course we still can make really naughty art following it but when you B-side7715‘s gallery this one goes really goes more naughty than his usual art and I’m really thankfull he accepted go with this illustration. I goes luckily that B-side7715wanted to draw Ahri but never tried before“, I guess it helped that he accept go with my request… ^^
Not so much version of Rosalina I love so much, I already got Rosalina dressed that way ( first on the left) but wanted it again. On his first sketch, B-side7715 drew Rosalina pose following the one in the ref then asked him to change for a front view to see her on a new angle. Being a pervert I asked for Rosalina spearing legs, her short dress offering a so perfect view but to keep it correct for B-side7715 the vibrator from ref was removed and a cute pantie added, but Rosalina still looks incredibly gorgeous and sexy … Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Let’s tell about the sexy teacher, Ahri pose was already perfect since the first sketch I received from B-side7715 but there was a dilemma if Ahri should be sit near to Rosalina or on a different place. I kinda like the version when they are together but on the final version we have more then teacher and student fetish with Rosalina on her table and Ahri in teacher desk. Now who know who will leave her place first and join the other to let the fun start, looks like the beginning or a porn Japanese movie then with some imagination, so much can happen… °w°
There is details I love on this illustration, the outfit and high heels are sure gorgeous but I also love Rosalina expression with tongue out, just curious about this circle around her eye, both expression also mix cuteness and sexiness with Ahri having a cute and quiet face when Rosalina one goes more teasing and explicit. Also fun detail since Rosalina turn way more busty than Ahri compared to how the original characters are, kind like B-side7715 switched breasts side but I love so much Rosalina that way so I consider it more as genius idea than a mistake. XD
I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss take a loot at B-side7715‘s and give him some great comment and feedback, also he’s “trying to study and improve my technique more than posting stuff“, slower publications but with better quality on anatomy, colour, perspective… Then your are feedback are important to know people enjoy the way he goes and give him the motivation be even more epic on his next illustration… ^__^

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#267 – League of Legends – Ahri N°2

I noticed the chat look a little small, not the best way for a huge comment and it must be hardcore with many participants but like my blog size I can’t easily make one bigger, I increased a little the height but do you think guys I must create a specific page with a huge chat or it will be useless ?

But chat or not the more important here is Rosalina and there is a new drawing showing my favorite princess (and hope your favorite princess too) with Ahri from league of legends drew by sketchysketch. Not a color one but it’s still and awesome drawing and like sketchysketch‘s gallery he’s more doing lines.

League of legends really have a lot of damn sexy girls though you must be surprised if I say the only I play in this game is Tristana and I also have a Rosalina x Tristana in the blog (see it here). It’s also the second time Ahri meet Rosalina (first by vempire here) but this time Ahri have a little surprise for Rosalina… Though it’s a really huge one in fact… XD

Thanks so much for this awesome drawing sketchysketch, like the objective of my blog it’s always girls who meet Rosalina (in general) and sometimes a little futa must be more original and give a lot of pleasure. Huge anal insertion and like Rosalina face she look really happy having some fun with Ahri… Oh yeah…

The only error sketchysketch did is with Rosalina hair style, she have hair in front of her right eye and this time it’s the left. Sketchysketch said ‘I was checking for that in the previous pictures, and it was 50-50%‘ and that’s true, artist often do this mistake with Rosalina and I must be more careful, if I want my blog is use as reference it’s not a great thing have “wrong Rosalina”… But it’s not because that the result can be amazing… You did an amazing job sketchysketch… (^o^)/

Artist: Sketchysketch / Cost: 0$ (request)

Added to wishlist: Selene from Underworld (see it here)

#179 – League of Legends – Ahri

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian lol league of legends ahro vempire lingerie

I just noticed my blog is in AAAninja’s blog links… It’s an awesome artist who contribute in my blog with Rosalina and a piranha plant (see it here)… His HentaiFoundry account and blogspot are pretty famous so it must be some views for my blog… And I love the little icon he created with my avatar… °w°

My next objective is to create a contest for my blog but I must find a little support before if I want to have nice prizees and a lot of artistes who participate, something like the contest un HentaiFoundry… Maybe… A day… ^^

So time to show you the next drawing, and it’s June commission to Vempire… I know it’s a little late because we are now on July maybe I hope you like it guys… Vempire style is awesome and I’m so happy with the deal we established but it work for 2012 so in January 2013, it will be finished, that’s so bad for my birthday’s month… T_T

But not time to be sad, for this commission the subject was lingerie and high heels; girl with lingerie are sooo sexy that’s why I really wanted something by vempire with this subject… For the second character, vempire was free to choose the girl he love and it was Ahri… So after Tristana, Akali, Sona and Vayne, I have now an other league of legends’s girl who meet Rosalina… And the result is just awesome… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

The final drawing is really perfect, Ahri with transparent lingerie is so beautifull and this red lingerie keep the style of the original character… Maybe if you know Ahri with her 9 tails, I think it’s not hard to recognize her… But Vempire do an awesome job… Congrat… ^^

A little bonus information for nice people who take the time to read all this comment (or cheat starting at the end); I asked to Vempire for the next commission Rosalina with Gwen from Ben 10… I know he has a really detailed style so a cartoon character can be special but I really wanted to try and if Vempire think it don’t work, maybe I’ll choose and other girl but if it work, I think the result will be awesome… But for the moment we have to wait… No funny…

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

New wishlisted girls: Stephanie from Lazytown