#267 – League of Legends – Ahri N°2

I noticed the chat look a little small, not the best way for a huge comment and it must be hardcore with many participants but like my blog size I can’t easily make one bigger, I increased a little the height but do you think guys I must create a specific page with a huge chat or it will be useless ?

But chat or not the more important here is Rosalina and there is a new drawing showing my favorite princess (and hope your favorite princess too) with Ahri from league of legends drew by sketchysketch. Not a color one but it’s still and awesome drawing and like sketchysketch‘s gallery he’s more doing lines.

League of legends really have a lot of damn sexy girls though you must be surprised if I say the only I play in this game is Tristana and I also have a Rosalina x Tristana in the blog (see it here). It’s also the second time Ahri meet Rosalina (first by vempire here) but this time Ahri have a little surprise for Rosalina… Though it’s a really huge one in fact… XD

Thanks so much for this awesome drawing sketchysketch, like the objective of my blog it’s always girls who meet Rosalina (in general) and sometimes a little futa must be more original and give a lot of pleasure. Huge anal insertion and like Rosalina face she look really happy having some fun with Ahri… Oh yeah…

The only error sketchysketch did is with Rosalina hair style, she have hair in front of her right eye and this time it’s the left. Sketchysketch said ‘I was checking for that in the previous pictures, and it was 50-50%‘ and that’s true, artist often do this mistake with Rosalina and I must be more careful, if I want my blog is use as reference it’s not a great thing have “wrong Rosalina”… But it’s not because that the result can be amazing… You did an amazing job sketchysketch… (^o^)/

Artist: Sketchysketch / Cost: 0$ (request)

Added to wishlist: Selene from Underworld (see it here)

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  1. Eromanboy

    In my opinion the chat is good as it is.

    Seems like other people fall in the same pit as I did when I first drew Rosalina. 😀


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