#967 – Fur princess and fisted Yordle

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I heard back about Maraichux who made the Fate threesome at the beach and latex duo with Niimi kaoru (on the left). I was silent since November was “ difficult period: too much work, a lot of problem with my health (had a lot of flu) and a lot of thing to take care of“, seems this month was super hardcore for many people I know (and me included anyway I’m glad to know he’s still alive and better now.

A new illustration will come from this amazing artist and this time Maraichux want to go with something extreme “maybe some animal, maybe some stomach deformation, some extreme cock sounding“. As you can see there’s still so many “maybe” and after turn my crazy ideas back to reality two times I want this time give more freedom to Maraichux. All I’m sure now (let’s say 99.9% chance) is Rosalina will meet Claudia, from “The dragon prince” series that I have on my Netflix list (so another reason to watch it), anybody here know this show?


There was a sketch I found with Tristana from League of Legends and I loved so much her sexy outfit so kept in a corner until the day I would get a chance use it as reference for an duo with Rosalina. And it’s looking for artists on deviantart I found Ledge1606 who already make a gorgeous and so lewd Tristana piece, he have a great style, commission price and was fine with this duo so it was the time to remove the dust from the sketch and make it shine… If you wonder, this outfit for Tristana isn’t based on an official skin compared the the previous illustration with classic Tristana (here) or Bewitching Tristana (here). I guess the next time I should get her in her dragon trainer skin involving a little bestiality touch with the dragon itself… °w°

About the situation for this duo, I sent to Ledge1606 an idea with Rosalina fisting Tristana tight Yordle pussy while biting her ear. I have to admit the only artistic freedom remaining was with Rosalina suit since I cannot find any nice and sexy fur outfits for the princess, I ended asking several time Ledge1606 if he liked the idea to be sure he also have fun and told me “Do not worry, I’m really enjoying drawing this commission“. During the creation process the only edit I requested was move Tristana gun after received the fist sketch (on the right), I wanted it be being Tristana like holding her back on it to have the pose looking more accurate and realistic. The second sketch I received from Ledge1606 was totally perfect so I just did let him go on his was to finish the illustration and had the chance get many updates and WIP to enjoy the process ^__^

No lie, I love so much this illustration, so long I wanted Tristana in that suit with Rosalina and it’s so lewd as I love so XXX sure did an amazing job. You can see on the left the previous Tristana illustration he made and be sure there is more from Ledge1606 coming in the future with promising, ambitious and still so naughty situations. Also I should pick him for a patreon raffle reward illustration a day or just keep all his talent for my weird and lewd ideas. XD

Artist: Ledge1606 / 23$ commission
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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