#900 – Pretty princess and friendly Jinx

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And I already see the pressure coming for the next step… °o°

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover league of legends jinx cute

And after Merethide for the 800th, I chosen Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s illustration to be the 900th one, another adorable artist that deserve more love and support, anyway be careful cause that little potato is sure lovely but even more crazy. This duo isn’t random, Mad-Red-RidingHood was called Jinx was before Riot create the character with same name (and gave her a freaking cool music) and seems this character style and personality suit her really nicely. Now I wonder where the name “Jinx” come from and if it really mean about a crazy personality… °o°
Actually Mad-Red-RidingHood work on a laptop with photoshop using a mouse and draw on Galaxy 3 using her middle finger, I would like to say once she will be use to a tablet and pen she could make powerfull stuff but she don’t like the feeling of drawing with a pen and after all as long she feel comfortable and happy with the technique she use it’s the more important. I also was surprised when Mad-Red-RidingHood said “I use my middle finger” but after all there is many artist with unusual style or techniques or style that so incredible stuff so who know, maybe a day that finger will be a star (and its owner too obliviously)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About Rosalina it’s no use to tell me the reason she appeared on this illustration but I what Mad-Red-RidingHood already know and like that princess in a message saying “waah no I like that lady […] I used to draw her when I was 7 8years old“, also don’t be surprised is she AAAAHHHHH and WAAAAHHHHH when you are talking to her. Also feel free to visit Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s page to see more about her art, there is really surprising and interesting concept to discover (and of course crazy is everywhere on her profile). Last thing is I added her on the featured artists page to be sure people will never miss her now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request
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