#612 – Ashe's personal toy

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian league of legends ashe futa futanari anal
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian league of legends ashe futa futanari anal

April just started so for sure you still have some time to participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ and WIN A FREE ILLUSTRATION but don’t delay it to much thinking you have time cause when you will come to participate it will too late. I’m you you already had this happened an that’s always so frustrating.
Anyway I was used to manage the site at work when I got some free time cause it’s really calm here but my compagnie really don’t like the fact I can be pay to do something that isn’t linked to work and told me that next time I use internet for personal use I got fired. Thing are too dangerous and wont help me manage the site and artists for now… U_u


As if I don’t have drawing skills, I was accepted on a really cool artist group on Skype (thanks so much) then I discovered VokunDraws that recently started to draw and accepted practice with Rosalina adding Ashe from his Favorite series: League of Legends. If you take a look at the wishlist, it’s the second the series that I have the most characters due to ‘Where is my Pokemon?‘ project that put pokemon at first but that game have so many damn cool and sexy character so it’s always powerfull have a new one… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Futa are quite popular at this time and can add some kinky action and cream on yuri piece that is kinda exciting, also this time it’s not a friendly meeting for Rosalina that was captured by Ashe and is now in her dungeon as personal sex-toy (want it too). Really love the idea and how it turned, Love how VokunDraws drew Rosalina face, so hot and expressive, also perfect breasts and ass with some toys to make it even more fun and intense. Some details linked to both girl like the Bow and Rosalina crown, also as bonus you have a cum version but Ashe want more loads and fun before be done, for today…
If you take a look at the first sketch I received from VokunDraws, at first he drew a dildo on Rosalina ass but due to the angle is wasn’t really good and realistic so it’s finally some anal beads and since we had a great with on Ashe butt she also get a little buttplug (that she sure keep during battles). Naughty girls, bondage, a few lingerie… VokunDraws sure made a so powerfull combo. I hope you lite it too guys… ^^
Talented artists are powerfull but it’s always great to give a chance and support to beginner as for VokunDraws. As if it’s not with many details or impressive shading there is interesting style and ideas that can turn epic with some practice (like his tentacles and creampie illustrations). HentaiFoundry (here) didn’t accepted all VokunDraws‘s illustration but you can see all of them on Tumblr (here).

Artist: VokunDraws / Cost: 25$ (20$ characters + 5$ background)
Tumblr: www.vokundraws.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/VokunDraws/profile

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