#613 – Shy in lingerie

With two birthday (mother one included) and a con wearing my Rosalina cosplay last week-end was really overloaded, no time to rest and even more to manage the site so the post was missing. Luckily it doesn’t happen really often and not I’m safe for a moment. Also on your side don’t miss participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ raffle and get a chance to win a free illustration.
At last it was really fun moment with family, friends and many free hugs that didn’t let a chance to the cosplay crown and medallion to survive. You can see the three I made with various quality and for sure I’ll have to craft new one.


Today a sweet pin-up to introduce Hidio that gave me the honor to contribute some time ago. Rosalina is here on each post but each artist have his own style and identity that appear on their respective illustrations so for each new one Rosalina have something unique and that’s so powerfull. I really love how looks Rosalina face with Hidio style, her lips and eyes gave her a tender and sensual look. Not just an illustration, we feel Rosalina looking at us but also the blushing as she feel we gave her a passionate look on our side, that’s so powerfull mix of emotions, I’m stunned.
Due to that big fetish I have for lingerie, Hidio gave some to Rosalina and it sweet her so nicely; tight-high, gloves and corset are ravishing, both hands for sensual touches and that busty touch, all mixing cuteness and sexiness so perfectly, Hidio really made an awesome piece. Also must admit I there is not only that wonderfull princess and the lingerie I love but also the star pillow, the size and design are so cool and it looks so comfy that I want one. °w°
A marvelous Rosalina kinda sexy but also keep a pure and innocent touch is really the best combo ever. I hope you like this illustration as me guys enjoying Hidio‘s style and feel all emotions inside no one can resist to that cute look. Also if you want more don’t miss to visit Hidio’s gallery for many more various illustration; male/females soft, sexy and sometime surrealist no way look at it without get some interest on some piece. And once again, thanks so much for your support to the project and this awesome Rosalina you made Hidio… \(^o^)/

Artist: Hidio / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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