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#744 – Naughty schoolgirl's favorite toys

After a huge promotion, I’m glad finally see people come and vote as the Misty dress-up poll event (I kinda made you can miss it visiting the blog) but there is a part I’m a little sad. It’s to see many peoples vote for the naked version in a dress-up thing, there is so many cool and sexy suit to pick guys… O_o
Other that get nice amount of vote is the golden suit from one of the first episode of the pokemon series, I wonder if people vote for golden suit cause she’s so sexy or they recognize it. Anyway the naked and golden suit must be draw cause both got many votes but only one will be pubic and the second patreon exclusive.


Because I love to be logic, July raffle reward illustration will come before June one (Benjamin Button rule) but the reason is simple that June one took more time to be ready and will come soon. Anyway for July, Curtis won a pin-up from the patreon raffle made by Youngjaerome and sent me the pose on the left for Rosalina. Since Rosalina bust isn’t that much visible, it wasn’t easy to find a great outfit and after a (pervert) brainstorming it was decided dress Rosalina as sexy schoolgirl with toys under panties, quite a challenge that Youngjaerome managed remarkably well and was a great surprise see it turn as full body, Rosalina legs looks quite erotic here… °w°
After Youngjaerome sent me a WIP, I asked my patreon what part could be missing from the sketch on the right, they noticed about her wand and Luma that is great point (but don’t want Luma involved in NSFW stuff) and due to my fetish there was also high heels that would looks amazing on Rosalina with this pose. Anyway Youngjaerome told me he ‘don’t really draw them so they’ll come off looking ugly‘, I wanted to insist to have them on Rosalina but someone told me respect the artist opinion so as if frustrating, no heels (this time)… ^^’
Finally the missing part was the pantie but Youngjaerome fixed it for the final version, I love how dildo appear through this tight panties being, looks so exciting thing that seems only appear on Japanese porn movie, double dildo and Rosalina that can still keep that quiet and sexy face is soo erotic. The vibrator remote was also removed during the process cause a little misunderstanding but that detail was back, now there is just to enjoy the show and see that hot student Rosalina soak her panties… °w°
I must admit there is an error left that is my own fault, I was so focused on that ass with dildo and legs that deserves high heels (stripper one exactly) that missed Rosalina crown color was wrong when received the flat color wip and even final versions. If I’m right due to the pose and toys it took me 4 years to get my eyes reach Rosalina’s crown and notice it, Youngjaerome really made a powerfull illustration and Curtis that wont the patreon raffle also came with a wonderfull idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Youngjaerome / Cost: 15$ (special pin-up commission)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Youngjaerome

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#740 – Chinese dress

After the E3 and new games presented by Nintendo, we can wonder if Rosalina will appear on one of them, the most likely would be see Rosalina in Mario Odyssey, after all there is Pauline as the Mayor of New Donk City, the female character that has even less exposure than Daisy so that’s something. Maybe Rosalina and why not space themed world area inspired by Mario galaxy series.
There is also on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle that Rosalina have a chance to appear, there is already crossvers with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi and even Donkey Kong… Anyway forum just show the fight against Rosalina and Daisy fans but nothing useful instead of a great sentence; ‘She’s a busy space mom you know? Those Lumas aren’t going to take care of themselves‘.


Forgive me for the basic title, wanted to try something a bit more original and explicit but this new illustration made by Youngjaerome already show everything we need about the kinky side of this horny Rosalina pin-up in asian dress. This one mix some of my fetishes like hand in panty, chinese dress that was a huge challenge to get a perfect reference and the same expression as the Elsa illustration Youngjaerome posted a while ago that you can see on the left, I really think this one is so exciting as fascinating.
From the first sketch you can see on the right, the only edit I asked to Youngjaerome was to flip the illustration to get the hair lock on right side but rest was already perfect, the chinese dress is so sexy and I wonder if this model really exist but whatever, Rosalina looks gorgeous with it. It’s also interesting to see the evolution from the sketch, I first wanted a large scene to get Rosalina high heels but Youngjaerome cut it to be able add more details on the main part, earrings also don’t appear on final version but that naughty face a bit embarrassed is all we need for that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I must admit the Rosalina pin-up didn’t turn so naughty as the Elsa piece, I guess the DP and all fluid explain it but Rosalina still looks gorgeous. There is maybe a way make even more hotter cause I’ll pick Youngjaerome to work on the next patreon raffle reward on for July the winner is Curtis, congrat to you. And for all that wish get something Youngjaerome do 15$ special single character commissions but only 8 slots available so don’t miss it.

Artist: Youngjaerome/ Cost: 15$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Commissions email: Imadori1@yahoo.com.au
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Youngjaerome/profile

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#682 – Who's the true guardian of the galaxy?

Congrat to Chris that won December patreon raffle and is able to request a duo of this choice by B-side7715 that drew the illustration with Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu that you can see here. Chris is free to decide about the second girl and situation to ask as long he follow the artist standards but also have a little rule for December: Christmas theme. Oh yeah… °w°
Anyway I must admit there is nothing more planned for special, for now I’m kinda worry wondering if I’ll be able to prepare everything in time and keep the blog updated for Christmas. I’ll be kinda busy with family and enjoying brother’s gifts the more I can, cause I reached a step I deserve usefull presents instead of video games. T_T


So you already discovered about the artist working on December patreon raffle (illustration of the right to discover about the post) and today it’s time to present you Youngjaerome made November patreon reward for Curtis. I was really amazed by this artists that create so incredible pin-up and give breasts perfect curves but I must admit this time we got a big challenge since I was requested a pairing with Rosalina and Poppy in her star guardian outfit. I wasn’t sure if Youngjaerome could accept that kind of pairing but had to try.
I finally sent Youngjaerome my idea based on a sketch with Tristana that was really hot but also gave me an idea. Rosalina fucking roughly Poppy showing her who’s the true master of the galaxy. Both are badass fighters on Smash Bros. and League of Legends but I wasn’t able let my favorite princess lost, maybe Poppy will get her revenge in the future. Rosalina outfit is based on another sketch I found in my bondage ideas folder that would suit so perfectly for the scene and Youngjaerome style since you must never cover breasts cause he make them so… perfect… °w°
Youngjaerome had some concern about Poppy and told me ‘I do have to let you know i don’t do Loli‘, I don’t consider Poppy as loli since her tiny body is due to her Yordle race and. Tried to find some info about that point but seem no one talk about it, just there is a skin named LolliPoppy but it’s based on lollipop. Youngjaerome accepted work on the illustration but he’s not used to tiny body so as you can see he drew Poppy a bit more taller as the original but she looks really nice that way. Anyway guys, what your opinion about Poppy being a loli?
So all was ready to start and receiving the first sketch this one was already really good but I asked edit to Youngjaerome on two points. The first was to place Poppy up with some elevation on the floor to put her as better place for Rosalina and especially the way goes the strap-on. second point was to correct Poppy hairstyle giving her twin-tails but for that point it’s me that missed to give good refs to Youngjaerome (that I fixed quickly) and the next edit was simply perfect. From the flat color version I was a little septic about Rosalina legs that seemed a bit of but on the final version the latex effect was so powerfull.

Also Rosalina is a tall lady and it’s mostly on the legs we can insist on that particularity of her body so legs are another excellent part. I hope you love this illustration and a huge thanks for Youngjaerome that does his best on a body that he’s not use to draw. There is another Rosalina from him waiting but for more don’t miss take a look at his HentaiFoundry gallery, enjoying him streaming on picarto or give some support with commission or joining his patreon… ^__^

Artist: Youngjaerome / Cost: 20$
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Youngjaerome

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