What the… I missed a birthday illustration…

500th Illustration (^o^)/
And Rosalina’s Birthday is not over

I was looking at the list to see what illustration have had to publish for this post cause it’s today the 500th Rosalina drawing who appear on the blog, How powerfull. Looking at the list I noticed that I forgot an illustration I commissioned for her birthday, that’s crazy… *Face hitting desk*… O_o

Time to enjoy this beautifull drawing by Ska Jr Zombie I commissioned to take part of Rosalina’s birthday, he made so incredible illustrations that I wanted him to take part of this event and as if it was a busy day I still don’t believe I missed to publish his drawing for Rosalina’s birthday. Really sorry about that Ska Jr Zombie… T_T

I’m sure you recognize this lovely (and so sexy) catgirl from Soul Eater series, Ska Jr Zombie chosen Blair to be here and and some fun for Rosalina’s birthday, it’s was an excellent idea cause I love so much this character (and he know that) but also since it’s close to Halloween it can work for both events. Blair with a lovely expression, so cute and confident like in the comic and Rosalina more shy and embarrassed, she’s soo adorable. It’s a wonderfull illustration… (^o^)/

Now the more difficult will be to announce to Ska Jr Zombie that I was late with this illustration, his a really amazing artist and nice guy, feel so bad this shit happened. Also if you want to see more from him you can enjoy the comic Rosalina’s Delivery Service (here) he made (and really amazed me with the result)and take a look at his Deviantart (here) and NSFW tumblr (here). Enjoy… ^^

Artist: Ska Jr Zombie  /  Cost: 30$
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com

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