Rosalina is Marilyn


Long time since the previous post, was a really busy (and powerfull week) at the con. Not often that I can wear my Rosalina cosplays. The problem is that soo much called me “Peach”, I expected Smash Bros. and Mario kart able to fix that point but I must continue to be here and show this wonderfull princess to the world… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Also found two Rosalina dolls, Never heard about them before and wasn’t able to buy them at the con. Once I was home I looked at them on internet and they are really more expensive that in the con… Raaah…


Time to present the last illustration made by Mavruda, he’s the artist working on the Wallpapers Calendars series and it’s a little bonus that I received as gift, a sooo beautifull pin-up inspired by a really popular scene involving Marilyn Monroe. I’m sure everybody noticed it and seeing Rosalina in that situation, it’s wonderfull, thanks so much Mavruda… (^o^)/

Mavruda made Rosalina so much expressive and sexy, love that surprised face and perfects attributes. I’m also a huge fan of lingerie and high heels so this situation offer a powerfull view making Rosalina so beautifull as sexy, love that combo. Mavruda also made an excellent job with the dress, not easy to draw something dynamic, can easily imagine it moving and Rosalina saying “Ohhh”… Love it..

I must kick the ass of this pervert Koopa but the scene is stunning, can’t stop looking at that beautifull Rosalina. I hope you like this drawing guy and if you want more feel free to join Mavruda‘s site, so much amazing illustration and fetishes. He also drew so much Rosalina for me that there is a special section on his site. I just hope I wont made Mavruda lazy to draw Rosalina, he’s so talented and kind. Thanks so much for your efforts and incredible illustrations my friend.

Artist: Mavruda  /  Cost: special

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