Blue Exorcist – Shura Kirigakure

So much things happened but I’m now able to make regular updates again. Lunakiri chosen her favorite idea from “Your dream by…” raffle and the winner is Ren who asked “Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!“. So much great ideas but this one is Lunakiri‘s favorite. You can already see the sketch on the right and colored illustration will come soon… °w°

Also received the second illustration from Mavruda for November Wallpaper calendar. He made a gorgeous piece who will be on next publication, Calendar version don’t suit really powerfull but Rosalina’s birthday is a special event after all…


Rosalina is able to travel against the galaxy and maybe move from different dimensions, this time she’s in Blue Exorcist universe to meet Shura Kirigakure. Yeah, they are really close together now and it’s a huge thanks to Sorakie who had to wait sooo long since I finally publish his illustration here. I also missed a second Rosalina illustration he made for me there is more than 2 month, don’t understand how I can miss it but for sure I’m really sorry about that Sorakie… *Face hitting desk*… T_T

Shura is a really beautifull character, I received the first tome of Blue Exorcist from a friend and once I finished read it, you can be sure Shura was added to the wishlist. She’s a gorgeous character, pretty and sexy with a nice hair style. Finally Sorakie made it come true and she’s now with Rosalina… (^o^)/

Sorakie made a wonderfull illustration, both are so sexy and expressive, I love Rosalina face with tongue out and Shura look more calm and lovely, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is so powerfull. Also love the fact Sorakie gave the biggest breasts to Rosalina, generally Nintendo ladies are really flat compared to manga ladies more and more sexy. As Sorakie said, it seem it’s the effect when you eat a little too much red mushroom, interesting… I must keep that in mind next time I play Mario 3D World…

Once again thanks sooo much for your kindness and this marvelous duo Sorakie. I’ll publish his second Rosalina drawing after the calendar piece but you can already take a look to his DeviantArt gallery (here), some much adorable and pretty sexy ladies (love his cowgirl he made as art trade).

Artist: Sorakie  /  Cost: 40$

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