#470 – Space Suit

Made some epic on the shop page about Rosalina’s Delivery Service Comic. As you noticed there is chapter 2 but no Chapter 1. In fact we lost the artist who had to make the first one with the Vocaloid Haku but don’t worry cause Chapters are completely independent. You wont miss anything and can full enjoy your copy. Received excellent feedbacks: “It’s intense“… Oh yeah… ^^

The chapter must come a day, a complete redo on the script that you can find on the shop (here) but it will cost like 330$ for a 20 pages comic. I know Ska Jr Zombie must make it epic for sure but it don’t fit with my actual budget.


New illustration made by Harkhan who already drew the last Rosalina and C18 (here). After a sexy duo and special high heels it’s a solo Rosalina in Samus space suit enjoying some nice options and tentacles. For sure this one look sot hot, Rosalina look so sexy and kinky with this little smile, adding some tentacle action and messy touch it’s just amazing… °o°

I already received an illustration of Rosalina dressed as Samus but it was the Zero suit (pic on the right) and now thanks to Harkhan, she wear she space suit. I have in mind to create a crossdressing section a day in the blog so this one must join for sure but for the moment I have something else in mind for solo illustration. no more, just keep in touch guys…

Once again thanks so much Harkhan for this amazing Rosalina piece (must add so hot too). A cute smile who also make her naughty, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is really the powerfull.. Also, feel free to take a look to Harkhan‘s gallery for more sexy ladies and illustrations, his art is really original for sure but I’m sure you will love it… ^^

Artist: Harkhan  /  Cost: 40$
Deviantart: www.harkhan.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/harkhan/profile

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Next to come: 500th blog publication… °w°

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