#466/469 – Rosalina have now 7 years (of existence)

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2014

AS if she don’t officially have a birthday date, the first time Rosalina appeared to the world was in November 1st 2007 when Mario Galaxy was available in Japan. I consider this date as her birthday and seem I’m not the only due to some other artists on Deviantart who made celebrations illustrations at the same time.

Now let me show you the coll pieces I received, they are just listed in order I received them so no preference in the order… After all I love all of them and thanks sooo much to all artists who helped me make a powerfull post to celebrate this event… °w°


First one is a request from baden3 who made a curious Oc (original character to be with Rosalina for this special day but she’s also perfect. I’m sure you noticed it with her skin and hair, it’s a cake lady. So cute and sweet, I hope Rosalina wont eat her new friend but must so impossible resist to play a little and lick her… °w°

baden3 really made a lovely illustration. Rosalina is so beautifull as sexy (these breasts are just perfect), also love her smile, look so adorable but also add a kinky touch like the situation, seem she really love what happen. The other lady is also really beautifull and original. First time I see a cake able to give a lovely and sweet kiss, Rosalina is so luck. Thanks so much first your kindness and this excellent piece baden3.


 Second illustration is from Mavruda and may be the soft version of November calendar. s for the smash bros. illustration, this illustration is not girl only so special an the blog but sincerely, Mavruda made is so powerfull that I don’t care. I love this illustration and the way he draw Rosalina. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

As me, this one is the cutest Rosalina Mavruda ever drew. She look so lovely, so adorable, so happy, that expression is so cute. I wish her a wonderfull birthday and looking at this drawing I’m sure it will happen. Everybody have a cool present (I wonder what inside Bowser one btw). Also love the way Mavruda drew other characters, she look nice and kinda funny with his style. Will be a really cool birthday party, but I can’t be here… Bwaaaa… T_T


Next illustration is from Omnimaid (previously Eromanboy) who give me once again the honor to take part of Rosalina’s birthday with a cool illustration. I’ll never forget when he said last year “I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine“. This time he came with a new drawing a project thinking to make a little comic with Rosalina, Satsuki and Ryuuko from Kill la Kill as futas.

For the moment it’s just a project Omnimaid have in mind, he have the power to create wonderfull illustration, games and also music so you can be sure he must have so much ideas in mind and not all the time he want. But thanks for the idea Omnimaid, let see if it well see the light a day…

Also if you want to see more, you can find him on Deviantart (here), HentaiFoundry (here), Twitter (here) and many other places with his name Omnimaid.


Another soft and lovely illustration made my my friend Shao-pix. Just keep in mind that he bought a tablet and started to draw there is less than a month so he still have to practice a lot but it’s an excellent start. I love this illustration because as if it’s really simple without so much details or shading he made Rosalina so expressive. That’s surprised expression make her soooo cute. Love that point… °w°

It’s the second time Shao-pix draw Rosalina (you can see the other one here). He also made a lovely Miku (here) and some illustration who show he really need to practice anatomy but it’s a great start and let see what he will be able to create in some months… Oh yeah… ^^

I think this one is the last for Rosalina’s birthday, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration Shao-pix.

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