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The power of planned publication: When this publication appeared on the blog, I’m on the train going at the Japan expo con, time to see a little more of Paris and some gorgeous cosplay… I hope to see Rosalina cosplayers and also play on smash bros. with my favorite princess. Will be back on sunday evening but not sure I’ll be able to publish something for monday… Sorry guys…

Also my friend gave me a challenge. Once the train arrive I have to walk out wearing my Rosalina cosplay and keep it the entire day we will visit Paris… Don’t know if I must say it will be fun or have to be scary… Must admit I’m a little nervous but once a year I can be crazy… As if I’m always crazy… °w°


Time to show you the second illustration made by SkaJrZombie. After a really hot duo with Top, now there is a solo illustration with Rosalina “relaxing” a little on her bed and also give a great view to her little Lumas how look the body of their mother. How lucky, we also have a perfect view… XD

I love how SkaJrZombie drew Rosalina, she look more young but still gorgeous as the original. Also have a huge fetish for lingerie and transparent clothes so you can be sure I’m stunned looking at this piece. For sure she’s damn hot but I’ll quote SkaJrZombie to talk about the hottest part of the illustration: “This is the first time I draw the insides of a vagina :v“. For sure, Rosalina really give us powerfull view of her wet vagina… As if you are gay that’s impossible don’t have a boner looking at this…

If you compare this illustration to the one with Toph (just below), it’s not the same quality. This one is a “full-color” and the other a “simple color” illustration so if you wonder why I didn’t asked both with this quality, it’s because it’s only one character on full color. Now it’s different and SkaJrZombie updated his commission rules but I really wanted him to draw a duo and see how look Rosalina with his best skills so I picked both style for two commissions. And can’t deny that this one if my favorite, SkaJrZombie really made one of the hottest Rosalina I ever see… O_o

That’s so hard to resist to talk about the project I’m working on with SkaJrZombie but my friend Tallon also take part to it and I hope it will be just the start. The main problem is that the commission I asked to SkaJrZombie destroyed my budget for 2 months so you can be sure soemthign huge will come but it will also be… Special… Depending the result the project may contiue and grow up or simply stop… But more infos on the 4th video coming… I’ll make a pool about this one btw so stay turned.

Now if you want to see more from SkaJrZombie you have so many places where you can find his art. Mains are his deviantart and soft blog but other pieces also have really interesting kinky illustrations. And sicne you are here, I’m sure you are more interested by naughty drawings… Don’t hesitate to take a look and why not ask a commission to SkaJrZombie to let him make your pervy dreams come true…

Artist: SkaJrZombie  /  Cost: 30$
Tumblr (SFW):
Tumblr (NSFW):

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  1. SagashiIndustries

    Seems like as good of a place as any to ask. i have an idea for something I’m gonna try to commission from Archangemon, but need a little help making a final decision on which of my choices to pick and the pose. Could you possibly hop on Skype later?


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