#122 – OC – Random schoolgirl

There is a lot of requests in my blog but sometime I need to buy commissions if I want to show some artists here… But sometimes they accept to make me a little discount so that’s really nice… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it a commission by p2ichigo who send me a sketch with Rosalina as teacher sexy teacher teaching a new generation the joys of lesbian sex… And the result is awesome… It’s the first time I see Rosalina with glasses but it look so nice… So beautifull and exciting… (^o^)/

The other girl is just a random character, that’s so bad because there is a lot of young girls in my withlish who must be awesome with Rosalina in this situation but not this time… So it’s a cute OC and if you have some idea for a name, maybe don’t hesitate to submit…

So p2ichigo have a really nice style and level so don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie and maybe his commission prices are really cheap… Maybe if p2ichigo receive some commissions because my blog he may drawn Rosalina again… Sound nice… ^^

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  1. Yukikah

    Yeah, definitely like the overall art style there; has a real down to earth way of being presented. Odd perhaps to say for a picture with a nearly naked space princess with a huge strap-on on… but I think you get the point~


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