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Naruto – Sara

It was an interesting Nintendo direct with a powerfull touch of Rosalina. AS expected she must be really complex to control but have great moves and spells… So bad WiiU and 3DS versions are not available at the same time. Will be available this summer on 3DS but HD Roslaina will be for winter… I’m sure they will prepare some bundle pack with Roslaina for Christmas… Need… °w°

Con are really rare in France but the one in my city will happen this week. I worked a little on my cosplay and make a new medallion but have some troubles with the crown, not happy with the result and still don’t know how fix it to the wig… Maybe, want some photos after that guys?


Who will amaze us today? time for Taras089 to join he list of all artists who gave me the honnor to contribute. He decided to pair Rosalina with Sara from the Naruto series, Temari, Tsunade and Hinata are my fav but there is so much other gorgeous ladies from this universe and a new one decided to have some fun with Rosalina, How powerfull, thansk so much Taras089… (^o^)/

The Royal Meeting“… Taras089‘s title is perfect for this so hot and intimate moment they decided to spend together (thought it happen outdoor so can’t be so intimate but I’m sure they find a great and quiet place). I love Rosalina’s face I think she didn’t expected this kind of pleasure from her new friend and with Sara’s face so close to Rosalina one, it also add a sensual and tender touch. I’m sure she will take her of this little princess.

Can’t deny that Taras089 made Rosalina sooo hot… A perfect view on the gorgeous body while she hold her legs open while being gently fingering by Sara. Maybe not clear with her expression but no doubt with her pose… She love it and she want it… What a kinky and naughty Prrincess… So sexy and beautifull both are gorgeous… °w°

That’s great that Taras089 didn’t make them completly naked and kept a part of Rosalian dress, as if not so much survived it’s nice to have some reference to the otiginal character. Also guys, if you want to see more of Taras089 don’t hesitate to visit and enjoy his Deviantart (here) or Blogspot gallery (here). So much impressives ladies and illustration, must be so stupid to miss that and don’t forget that a comment is if it’s small is always a powerfull support to artists… Oh yeah…

Artist: Taras089  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Deviantart: www.taras089.deviantart.com
Blogger: www.tarasupixxx.blogspot.com/

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