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#279 – Naruto – Temari + Hinata

I promised than I’ll publish a video I made for the blog this week but like I said on Twitter I have some troubles for editing, Windows Movie maker crashed and now I have to restart all so it will be funny… Really funny… So guys if you know free software better than Movie Maker don’t hesitate say it as comment, I tried Sony Vegas but the free trial is now over… So stupid… T_T

Like my actual tastes I think it’s Naruto time, after Rosalina x Anko (see it here) it’s a new crossover with Temari and Hinata by Reit. hinata is my favorite girl from this serie and it’s the second time the meet Rosalina. The first was also commission to Reit (see it here) and it’s was the first commission for the Rosalina x girl project.

I love Temari so really wanted to show her again with Rosalina and really wanted to commission Reit again but only a Rosalina x Temari is not really original since this pairing already exist. That’s why I added Hinata who never meet Rosalina and the result is epic, you did an amazing job Reit… (^o^)/

I love lingerie and high heels, I’m sure some of your recognized the reference for anko clothes and I Naruto girls often have some fishnets in their original clothes, sincerely they look so sexy in that way… Sorry guys, they are not nude but I hope you admit they look amazing and damn sexy with these outfits. And maybe if you really want a Rosalina x Temari naked you can commission it… °w°

Reit is a really amazing artist and sincerely you must take a look at this Hentaifoundry and his blog. If you are looking for a commission with Naruto character; Reit is the perfect artist but he don’t only draw characters from this serie… You must see his amazing blog… ^^