#230 – borderlands 2 – Queenbee dressed as Moxxi

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I never add a real person in my wishlist, I hesitated a lot about this point but sincerely there is some awesome girls who must meet Rosalina a day like Quorra, Hermione or Desiree cousteau I discovered in Gabler gallery… But I’m a little septicious about Hermione because a lot of artist write Harmione instead of Harmonie; the english Rosalina’s name… Be careful guys… ><

A great example in the last  vempire’s submission (see it here) who said ” Comiision for Harmione_Rosalina “. See, it’s not a joke… Lucky you are a so powerfull artist vempire I start to be really annoyed with this error, I saw it too much…. Bwaaaa… T_T

Today it’s a really special drawing by vempire who drew a lot of Rosalina (and it’s not over) but this time it’s not me who commissioned the drawing but a lovely girl names Queenbee who asked her dressed like Moxxi (it’s not Moxxi) from borderlands 2 with Rosalina… That’s not powerfull guys?

At start Queenbee asked some commission to vempire and sincerely she have awesome ideas so I sent her a comment where I said I really want to ask her with Rosalina to vempire and was curious if she accept and have a nice idea for the situation… No answer… Ok… But sometimes after vempire published this drawing… Just awesome… (^o^)/

Important detail: Queenbee said in a comment ‘Well if any one has a good idea for what should be on stage I will fund the commission.‘… I’m so bad find great ideas so help me guys and don’t hesitate say what you have in mind as a comment or directly answer to Queenbee here… Do your best, Oh yeah… XD

Artist: vempire / Cost: ??? (gift by Queenbee)
Vempire profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/vempire/profil
Queenbee profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Queenbee/profile

New wishlisted girl: Quorra from Tron legacy

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