#229 – Solo – Birthday and pumpkins

Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday are now over, thanks so much for all who participated or let a little comment… In fact there is a lot of comment because I asked to some artists and my friends to comments but I hope people enjoyed this birthday… Hope to make something biggest after this… Oh yeah… XD

In fact Halloween and Birthday are not really over, I received a comment from FantasyPhalli saying he’s a little late and pretty busy but have something to celebrate these events… And the drawing was finally published on hentaifoundry… In fact I was waiting for FantasyPhalli drawing that’s why I didn’t change the blog since Rosalina’s birthday… ;p

FantasyPhalli drew this so sexy Rosalina pinup to celebrate her birthday and combined it with the Halloween concept, that’s explain pumpkins. So FantasyPhalli don’t added something who suggest the birthday…

I love this situation, Rosalina look so sexy and exciting with her hand like this who mean “please come and give me some fun”…. Of course I accept, please wait for meeeeeeee… There is a pretty funny bastard pumpkin who want enjoy it too but I’ll be more fast, prepare yourself Rosalina (and you too damn pumpkin)… XD

FantasyPhalli said last weeks were really busy and hf reject his drawing due to some anatomical errors at a moment but I’m glad to see it finally online. I’m a huge fan of high heels and I think that’s so bad Rosalina don’t have it (like her left foot position it can work) but I’m so happy have something to celebrate Halloween in the blog and og course one more with Rosalina… Thanks so much FantasyPhalli… (^o^)/

Artist: FantasyPhalli / Cost: 0$ (request)

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