#017 – League of Legends – Vayne

I think my blogs need to be a little more famous and visitors a little more active if I want to create a contest or other… Maybe I was happy with this idea but for a great contest, I must have a lot of artist who participate and I for the moment, not sure it happend… Maybe later… Or if you have ideas or suggestion to make something great, don’t hesitate to comment… If only people comment here… T_T

So today it’s a commission by vempire with I make a little deal: we agree for a drawing each month and I send him the money for his new tablet… Maybe his style is not always soft like this (and maybe this one start to be pretty sexy) so I can’t publish all commissions here, as example if you want to see the previous with May shiranui from Street fighters, it’s only on the other blog… Sorry…

I propose to vempire a little list of characters and he choose Vayne from league of legends with the saint valentine outfif… Sincerely, Vayne wasn’t in my wishlist at start, the original character is not really beautifull and sexy but when I see this saint valentine skin, I think she must be with Rosalina so I suggest her twice and it’s finaly vempire who make an awesome pic of her… And he had the kindness to make two versions, one for the soft blog and a other a little more suggestive but you must know the other blog to see it…

Vempire have a great style and I’m really happy with this pic but there is a really important detail I missed about Rosalina, her hair style is wrong cause vempire forgot add hair in front of her right eye, and I forgot say it to vempire… So bad… I always notice artists when they do an error at rhis point and miss it for vempire…. Bwaaaaa.

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/

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