#171 – Solo – Rosalina (what else)

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn

Maybe I’m really more happy see a new follower than 10.000 views… Now I reach 21… I agree compared to other blogs it’s a really small score but I’m pretty happy see new “fan”… Maybe I want more comments… Bwaaaa…

Today it’s a solo pic, but it was a long time I wanted to have a drawing by Spectralknight… So not rosalina with an other girl but an awesome pic Spectralknight do as request… thanks so much… (^o^)/

Spectralknight really have a great gallery and style, there is a nice step by step in his scraps gallery (see it here) so it was so nice hear he accepted to draw Rosalina… this time is not really hot but it’s not the reason I create this blog, so it’s a really beautifull and sexy Rosalina (sexy as bonus)… XD

I show you two sketch, for the first I said to Spectralknight that his Rosalina look than Peach because her hair style. IT was fix on the second sketch and the result is great…Artist often forget Rosalina have hair in front of her right hair but I’m here… Oh yeah… ^^

An interesting detail I find it Spectralknight publication; two tags. “Peach” and “Sister“… Sincerely Rosalina is a Peach Recolored (I always say Peach V2) but not her sister… Some people think it can be Peach’s mother but it’s just an idea… About this point, we don”t know a lot about Rosalina… She’s the adoptive mother of Luma race, but can say more… If someone have informations… It can be great… ^^

Artist: Spectralknight / Price: 20$

New wishlisted girls: Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw

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