#244 – OC – Merethide

HentaiFoundry just crashed so I thought it’s the best moment to prepare the new post (can’t continue the spam campaign), but without Hf… I lost all information about the artist so for links and information. I’m lucky the problem was fixed rapidly so let’s go… ^^

It was a long time since the last submission from vempire so I must fix this point myself and this new is with Rosalina and Merethide… For people who don’t know Merethide, she’s a lovely friend and great artist who often drew Rosalina for her biggest fan (that’s me °w°) so this time I wanted to made her a little surprise with a drawing involving Rosalina of course and her OC Merethide… Yeah, she have the name name as the artist… XD

If I remember, Merethide love domination so I asked to vempire a mistress Merethide and Rosalina having some fun on a bench in a public park… I asked for rain too but I think it wasn’t interesting for vempire so the sun is here and Rosalina don’t look happy about that… With a great day like this there is often a lot of people in a public park… And maybe a lot of perverts…

I love the result, especially for Merethide, the look awesome and so expressive, the way she look at Rosalina is amazing, she must have a lot of dirty ideas in mind and like Rosalina face, there is a chance she understand that too… I’m just sad about a detail, vempire often make different face expression for the final version so Rosalina’s expression in the last sketch was my favorite and finally the colored version look totally different… Don’t hesitate take a look at the sketch and say me what expression you prefer for Rosalina…

vempire made an other sketch for this commission, and I love have more sketches, have the choice and see great ideas… I think the other was vempire‘s favorite and he was really sad can’t use it so I said to vempire the next drawing will be with this sketch, but it wont be Rosalina… Are you curious guys?

Just noticed an other detail, I asked to vempire something more like bondage with Rosalina on the bench… Finally she’s front of the bench and the rope disapear… I agree you are really busy and have other things to do but it’s like this commission was annoying for you vempire… So bad… T_T

Artist: Vempire / Cost: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

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