#215 – Original – Holstein Hanako

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I just find a dressmaker in my village asked her the price for a Rosalina dress… Yeah, it must be a llit lestupid because I’m a man but I really want this dress so instead of this little shit than you can find on Ebay, I’ll ask for a great dress especially for me (and a little bigger like this if I find a girl who accept wear it for me, it will be easier for photos)…. The little problem is the price: 160$… Sincerely with Christmas coming and the fact I don’t have job it’s not really the moment but I really want this dress… Oh yeah… XD

So for this new pic it’s really sexy Rosalina but not with her original dress, I have a figure I really love of Holstein Hanako; a character from tsukasa Bullet artbook and asked to Vempire to drew her with Rosalina… You can see some photos on my figure ont he right and like Hanako outfit, the best way is to draw Rosalina as a sexy cow-girl… And it’s now done… Vempire did an amazing work…. (^o^)/

For people who know my blogs, it’s not the first time I have Rosalina as cowgirl, the first time was with Seras Victoria drew by idrawnintendoporn (see it here)… I really love cow and cowgirl outfits that’s explain the Hanako figure and why I asked twice the same idea… Vempire‘s style is really amazing so I thought I must ask Rosalina with this outfit and love the result… Though I love chaps in cowgirl outfit but don’t have that for the moment… no choice… I must ask Rosalina as cowgirl again… Eh eh… XD

Hope you like it guys… The next drawing by Vempire is now in progress showing Rosalina with Méréthide (not sure you know her) but our deal will stop in January… So not a lot of month waiting… That’s so bad… T_T

Artist: Vempire / cost: 45$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

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  1. Skull

    Normally I don’t like cowgirls, but this is a good picture as a drawing!


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