#214 – Peach N°16 (and a lot more)

A lot of artist make a special post for every 500 fans or follower… It’s not the same thing for me, each new follower is so nice and I have now a 26th… How nice… Something curious is that I have fans in HentaiFoundry but they don’t follow the blog… That’s stupid, I don”t publish anything in hentaifoundry… T_T

If you don’t know you can receive a mail for each new post I publish: on the Followers part in the right:
Join this site => Options => Site settings => Messaging => Allow site members to send messages…

So it’s now time to talk about rirukzo and the awesome job he did… I don’t only made this drawing with Rosalina and Peach but totally modelised Rosalina in 3D… That’s just awesome rirukzo… Hope you are fascinated guys… (^o^)/

You asked me for a drawing of Rosalina soft(I think:p) but instead I decided to make some 3D stuff to try something new, I hope it`s ok, is my first try on this ( so maybe I make some mistakes :p). Sincerely I don’t really see mistakes with these illustrations, There is some epic faces for Rosalina, other a little scary but the idea is awesome… I never imagine see Rosalina in 3D art, it’s totally different than normal illustrations because you need to create all the character first but rirukzo did it… That’s so powerfull…

I can show you all images rirukzo sent me, there is really a lot but you can see the result is amazing, clothed, lingerie, naked and he can change the pose, face expression boob size… I want to do it too… It’s incredible… Now I must find someone who can create a game with this… XD

Sincerely I don’t know what I can say, just enjoy rirukzo work and if you want more illustration or if you have the ability to use this Rosalina and make something great, don’t hesitate let a little comment.. Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Rirukzo / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Reverie Metherlence (Ren) from Elemental Gelade

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  1. Eromanboy

    Thats awesome, love the cel shading if that’s the right term for it. xD


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